• A Dance

    Could I ask you to dance, madam?
    Let’s go to dance to this music.
    You mustn’t be a lonely woman
    When everything is so rhythmic.... more »

  • A Drop Of Water (To Harry)

    A dropp of water cuddled up
    To a sprig of a mountain fir.
    A magic, see-through ball turned up –
    A useful tool for every dreamer.... more »

  • A Flower

    A beautiful Flower is growing here
    In the sunny, and neat, and tidy place.
    Its leaves and petals seem fine and clear.
    I dream to pick it gently and embrace.... more »

  • A Girl At A Bus Stop

    I saw her at the only bus stop
    In our little, forbidding town.
    She seemed to be on the top -
    The girl was getting me down.... more »

  • A Girl From A Little Town

    In a little town, close to a park,
    Lived a girl in a small house.
    She had a dog, who liked to bark,
    And always had a cold, black nose.... more »

  • A Legend

    If you find a way to the old ruins,
    Stop, tired hiker, and direct your glance
    To the remains of the past owners’ wealth.
    They can still delight and hold your breath,... more »

  • A Little Dream

    It’s trembling sadly in the misty air,
    It fears to near you and touch your arm.
    I squint at it, and I see it get scared.
    I remain calm and silent not to harm... more »

  • A Love Drink

    I brewed a cup of strong tea,
    Using hot, crystal clear water.
    I hope I made it very tasty,
    And you’ll appreciate its power.... more »

  • A Lucky Star

    I found it at starry night.
    It was tiny like a dot -
    Against a black background – white.
    “It’s impossible” – I thought.... more »

  • A Moment

    She found a poem between the leaves,
    Its first lines put her in a good mood.
    "I'm a happy woman", she believes
    But don't deny it, it could be rude.... more »

  • A Night Visit

    He comes to her every night
    In her dreams as a thought.
    He visits her at midnight,
    He is always on the dot.... more »

  • A Perfect World

    I dreamed I had a great Power
    To create this world on my own,
    To make everything much simpler -
    A chance to know what was unknown.... more »

  • A Piece Of Paper

    I’ve found a note written with your hand -
    A little piece of paper in my drawer
    With out-of-date notes – my little island
    With a buried treasure – I, discoverer.... more »

  • A Problem (To M.)

    Two lonely souls met together
    On a troubled river wave,
    And looked at the stormy weather,
    'Let's hold our hands to feel safe! '... more »

  • A Sunbeam

    A warm sunbeam touches my face,
    I tilt my head and squint at the sky.
    I’d like to spread my arms and embrace
    The passing day which is about to die.... more »

  • A Wave Of Love

    A wave of love approached my boat,
    A fresh breeze surrounded me nicely,
    My memories should be allowed to float
    And to sail away with the wave slowly.... more »

  • After Years

    Some day we’ll meet on a street;
    I’ll hardly recognize your face,
    You’ll bow your head, I’ll follow suit
    And lower my eyes just in case.... more »

  • Alteration (To My American Friends)

    I feel this change; it hovers in mid-air,
    Arising from the inexplicable,
    Leaving my doubts, and pain, and despair,
    Bringing confidence. It’s indefinable...... more »

  • An Autumn Leaf

    I looked at an autumn leaf falling slowly
    In the rhythm of a waltz under the foggy skies,
    Dancing on the deserted alley lonely,
    What an amazing journey right before it dies…... more »

  • Anew

    Thus, I begin my life anew -
    New hopeful days with new chances,
    New challenges and tasks to do.
    I revel in this - the freshness…... more »

  • Awakening

    I cover my face to avoid daylight
    Shining blindingly through the window shade.
    For the wonderful dream I had tonight,
    This morning awakening should be delayed.... more »

  • Bygone Day

    Let’s not be sad for this bygone day
    When the quiet, soothing wind faded,
    When the dusk has slowly died away
    And last sunbeams with dark clouds flirted.... more »

  • Choice

    If I say, „Yes…”, your warm breath will wrap me,
    Just like my silk long shawl, around my neck.
    And if I nod, I know I won’t be free;
    I’ll drown in your eyes, you’ll keep me in check.... more »

  • City Of Angels

    I’ll visit the City of Angels some day,
    I don’t know when, but I know this time will come.
    “Don’t worry, sinner, I won’t lead you astray! ”
    I’ll only dare to ask, “Is it God’s Kingdom? ”... more »

  • Come, Come, Words!

    Come, come words to my mind!
    Compose freely! I’m waiting!
    My stanzas must be well-designed
    They can’t look like a fallen building.... more »