• I Really Love Him (To Hacker)

    Always when I get up, he’s close to me,
    Waiting for my caresses and nice words.
    His eyes are loving, and fond, and happy,
    I stroke him to fill the morning standards.... more »

  • I Was Waiting For It Impatiently

    I was waiting for it impatiently
    With a note of longing in my heart.
    After winter I need it urgently,
    So I’d like bright spring days to start…... more »

  • I’ll Find You Some Day (To Linda)

    Today I have to go away,
    Today I say to you goodbye.
    I’m sure I’ll find you some day,
    But now don’t hold me back, don’t cry.... more »

  • I’m Selling Dreams

    Ladies and gentlemen from the city!
    I have a special proposal for you.
    You mustn’t miss the opportunity -
    Today I am selling dreams that come true!... more »

  • I’m Writing To You Out Of Habit

    I’m writing to you out of habit -
    Daily joy or a duty of my heart.
    I can’t deny it – desired and favorite,
    A nice pursuit when we are apart.... more »

  • Ice Palace

    I built a wonderful ice palace,
    Creating my work for days on end,
    Trying not to think it was aimless;
    Then it seemed reasonable, my Friend.... more »

  • If I Didn’t Manage To Do It

    If I didn’t manage to say it to you
    Or if I didn’t have any chance to do it,
    Know that my love was great, and crazy, and true
    Though the truth may disconcert you a bit…... more »

  • In A State Of Drunkenness

    So goodbye, sir! I have to leave you now
    For the horrible pressure in my head.
    It happens; I got drunk, I don’t know how.
    Sorry, I don’t remember what you said...... more »

  • In A Waiting Room

    You came back – For a while? For ever?
    My heart still waits in a waiting room
    Till you invite it. Perhaps never -
    Perhaps I’ll take a risk – Let’s assume...... more »

  • In Water And Fire

    I won’t flow into the deep, troubled water twice.
    I won’t do it again, I promise solemnly.
    I regained peace of my soul, but at a price.
    Everything I need is to keep balance only.... more »

  • Incentive

    Come in! Your eyes can’t conceal the joy,
    They smile waiting for an invitation.
    Don’t stand at the door. Don’t be so coy
    And get rid of the needless tension…... more »

  • Is It All Just A Memory?

    The past year – an episode
    With the unforgettable days.
    They seem to lose their glitter
    And be only fading memories.... more »

  • It Does Come In Due Time

    My Happiness is bringing closer
    At its own leisurely rhythm and pace.
    I’m waiting for the lucky hour
    Here – in the dark, ordinary place.... more »

  • It Does Happen

    I've been looking for it for years,
    I've been missing it for a long time.
    Sometimes a poor substitute appears -
    But it’s distant like the horizon line.... more »

  • It Doesn’t Matter

    It doesn’t matter where you are,
    It’s really of no importance.
    It may be weird or bizarre,
    But I don’t worry about the absence.... more »

  • It's All Gone

    There is no hope. It's all gone.
    I feel nothing any longer.
    There is no way to go on,
    No sky, no sun, no wonder...... more »

  • Just Remember Me

    Keep me in your mind. Remember me.
    Don’t erase those wonderful whiles.
    Just don’t forget me so easily,
    Try to recall the old, lovely times…... more »

  • Knocking

    Knock, knock! I don’t have a key
    To your heart – I threw it away
    Some time ago – forget that day!
    Let me, again, come back and feel... more »

  • Let Me Go Away

    Let me go away, right now, at the moment.
    Don’t wait for a more favorable hour.
    I’ll spend a day or two in immense torment,
    But we can’t help it; things began to turn sour.... more »

  • Life

    Oh, Life! I’m going uphill to reach the top,
    My aching feet are bleeding, scratched hands
    Hold on to trunks, I’m out of breath, the strands
    Of my hair get caught in branches… Stop!... more »

  • Lighthouse

    How do you find your way to the harbor,
    And how do you spot the rocky shoreline?
    When clouds cover stars, you’ll be in danger,
    Perhaps you won’t survive without my sign.... more »

  • Longing

    I don’t know what I’m waiting for.
    It's difficult to name the longing.
    I have it at heart - it's my sorrow,
    It's my pain - piercing and burning.... more »

  • Lonnie (To Jack)

    I’ll tell you a story about a funny, pretty girl.
    Her name – Lonnie - was also strange. But listen!
    Once she found on the rugged coast a little pearl
    That lay close to a lost fluffy black kitten.... more »

  • Love

    I know when love settles on your face
    Because you can’t hide it in your eyes.
    You avert them from my penetrating gaze,
    But I can recognize the deep sighs…... more »

  • Misinterpretation

    What happened, madam, what?
    You’re so enigmatic today...
    Madam, what do you think about?
    You are thoughtful and keep away...... more »