• Mom...

    I feel like touching a bark of tree
    In your garden in the spring.
    I’d like to settle on your knee -
    Mom, hear my piteous crying!... more »

  • More Or Less

    Two natures fight against each other
    In the depths of my anxious soul.
    I’m too trusting to understand danger
    And to see what plays a major role.... more »

  • Morning

    I got up in a good mood today,
    Yesterday troubles get distracted,
    Somewhere among stars on the Milky Way
    Between my dreams and memories, faded... more »

  • My Friend

    I’m looking for the most proper rhymes
    To express my gratitude to my Friend
    For both the happy and difficult times
    When all my ways could find a good end.... more »

  • My Heart Needn’t Much

    My heart needn’t much – believe it!
    It’s only looking for several things;
    It dreams to find a kindred spirit
    And to fly high on silent wings.... more »

  • My Lips Hurt Not Being Kissed

    I remain silent though my heart is weeping.
    I exist - impassively and automatically.
    I’m a machine – indifferent, hardly functioning.
    Yet I breathe. It can’t be true. It can’t be possible.... more »

  • My Love, Your Love

    My Love is patient and sincere,
    And it’s faithful, and humble, and strong.
    Your Love helps me to overcome fear
    And anything that could be bad or wrong.... more »

  • My Lullaby For You

    Some starry night I’ll have a crack
    At humming a lullaby for you.
    But first I’ll try to find a track
    To your soul not to make it blue.... more »

  • My Paradise

    I’ve just found my own paradise;
    A magic place with soaring towers
    Where my joy awakes at sunrise,
    Where I spend only happy hours.... more »

  • My Poor Happiness

    I touched my poor happiness -
    It trembled instinctively.
    And then I felt its loneliness.
    Suddenly it moved back rapidly.... more »

  • My Yesterday

    My Yesterday was so miserable
    With gloomy memories, and places,
    Like a sad story with a sad title,
    Like a ewer broken into pieces.... more »

  • Never

    There’re such buds that will never bloom
    And big cities that never fall asleep.
    There’re things you can never presume
    And favorable winds that never sweep.... more »

  • New Year

    New Year’s Eve night is drawing near
    To announce the obvious truth I know well.
    Yet I am waiting for the New Year
    As if only its first hour could tell... more »

  • Not Yet

    I am not ready to leave this place.
    I'm not ready yet. Though, in fact,
    I was preparing for many days,
    But not everything is still exact.... more »

  • On A White Horse

    Some day you’ll appear on a white horse.
    I’ll see you on a horseback from afar.
    You’ll dismount it and I’ll hear your voice,
    “Lady, you dazzled me like the brightest star...”... more »

  • One Existence

    I don't remember exactly that day -
    Rain or the sun - my memory fails.
    Then I began new life in a magic way -
    I opened a new book with fairy tales.... more »

  • Our Fruit Flirtation

    You hung two big cherries on my ear.
    I was delighted with the red earring.
    The unexpected jewel was shining and clear
    As your eyes – insatiable and dreaming…... more »

  • Passion

    They couldn’t avoid the passion.
    It turned too intense and too strong -
    Like gravity pull on the ocean,
    Or like words of an haunting song.... more »

  • Platform Eleven (To Marlicia)

    “This train will stop at the terminal station,
    I’ll see him soon on the platform eleven.
    I needed a lot of determination
    To meet him after years; six or seven…”... more »

  • Prisoner

    I thought it would be quite possible,
    I assumed I would be much stronger,
    Never guessed it would be so hurtful,
    Couldn’t deal with the grief any longer.... more »

  • Reading Clouds

    I love to crane my neck to read clouds;
    They can be so unpredictable.
    I love every single one and crowds,
    Each time I can look up to marvel... more »

  • Recurrence

    I let the recurring changeability
    Fall to my shoulders, like a lacy shawl.
    It wrapped tight the sense of reality,
    Telling me to feel miserable and small.... more »

  • Refrain

    Can you hear the nagging refrain?
    It comes from the depth of my heart
    Where my hope found a good terrain
    Where my longing and fear start.... more »

  • Request

    I got used to your tactful presence in my life
    And to the pleasant thought that you still look for me.
    None of us wants to reach for a surgical knife
    To cut us in half because there is no “We”.... more »

  • Rhymes For My Friend

    I wrote this little poem for you.
    It’s as simple and plain as my heart.
    Everything I included is true
    Though it isn’t any work of art.... more »