• Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony!

    Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony!
    I’ve lost my heart! I’ve lost my soul!
    You can help me – you are holy.
    It should be enough on the whole.... more »

  • She Set Her Mind

    She set her mind on forgetting him.
    I believe her. She has good intensions.
    There will be no longer this theme!
    He’ll disappear in fog without trace...... more »

  • Silence

    Say nothing – let the silence last.
    Yes, you taught me to keep silent.
    You said: ‘It’s good’ and I took it on trust
    And I try to celebrate the moment.... more »

  • Something Between Us

    There's something between us.
    However, I can't name it.
    I only know it's priceless
    And can be bitter or sweet.... more »

  • Stress

    When I can’t avoid or discard
    The awful, all-embracing stress,
    I pull out my sword- the cash card
    To buy a smart, fashionable dress…... more »

  • Stupid Situation

    Our situation is really stupid.
    For our feelings are so ambivalent;
    Powerful, and dynamic, and so twisted,
    We cling to each other or remain distant.... more »

  • Temptation

    Follow me today and ever.
    Keep to my rules and ways.
    Don’t let me ask you. Be clever!
    I’ll offer you the happiest days...... more »

  • Thank You For Your Being

    Thank you for your being
    Close to me every day,
    For the joy and smile you bring -
    It’s everything I can say…... more »

  • The Dead Planet

    That Planet, made of diamond and iron,
    Fell to the trillion microscopic pieces.
    And none of the extinct stars lit a fire,
    In the galaxy my scared heart freezes.... more »

  • The Last While

    It will come some day or night,
    And stop all clocks in your room
    Even if you don’t invite
    The last second to come soon.... more »

  • The Little Cross

    The little cross on my breast;
    A shining, silver sign – sword
    My strength and my amulet,
    A safe way, the last resort.... more »

  • The Magic Time

    I’m sitting in the little space,
    Calming the chaos in my mind.
    There is no other safer place -
    I left the noisy world behind.... more »

  • The Northerly Wind

    The northerly wind brought the odd uncertainty
    And the cold gust of unknown, forthcoming changes.
    The only right way was very hazy and dusty;
    I couldn’t find the suitable roads and bridges.... more »

  • The Path

    Another season settled on the branches
    Of the oaks down the winding path.
    I hear coming sounds, some voices -
    Church bells before a Mass, a child's laugh... ... more »

  • The Truth

    I want you to feed me with lies.
    I don’t want to wake up to know
    The only Truth – I am not wise,
    I lost my prudence years ago…... more »

  • The Very Start Of The River

    It’s the very start of the river.
    You look at it from above -
    It’s a good place for each dreamer,
    And it’s a good time to come to love... more »

  • The Word

    Have you noticed? I don’t talk about it
    As if this word disappeared from my dictionary.
    And I don’t utter it though I can list
    Many similar words in my vocabulary.... more »

  • There Are Some Sounds

    There are some sounds of music
    Which fall deeply into your heart,
    Nestling there – quiet and magic,
    Being your inseparable part.... more »

  • There Is A Land

    There is a land with flowers
    Which never lose blossom.
    There is a land with towers
    Touching nearly the sun.... more »

  • There Was A Time

    There was a time – it was there -
    With bright days – cloudless and warm,
    With the sunny and good weather,
    Without the wind and any storm.... more »

  • Tick, Tick…

    The wall clock ticks sinisterly,
    My eyes are riveted to it.
    Tick, tick, seconds escape quickly -
    All my chances seem forfeited.... more »

  • To Emily D.

    You could touch life like nobody else.
    When you put your letters in a drawer,
    You had to feel isolated and worse -
    You wanted to love – more and more…... more »

  • To Every One

    The sun is for every one,
    But it's not equally bright
    For each mortal under the sun -
    Some seem not to see the light…... more »

  • To The Ice-Cold Heart

    I turn to your heart – I can’t speak to you -
    Don’t be ice-cold, have mercy on my lips
    Burning with desire, my poor heart’s needs,
    On my longing dreams which never come true…... more »

  • To The Lord

    Some day I’ll knock at your door
    To the peaceful heavenly Kingdom,
    And I hope you won’t scorn and ignore
    The soul waiting for a warm welcome.... more »