• Torment

    I feel the burden of my silent dreams,
    I’m overwhelmed by their intensity,
    I can’t endure the might of the feelings.
    O, God! Look at me at last and take pity.... more »

  • Waiting

    I don’t dare to think of tomorrow
    When I observe the first stars at twilight,
    And in the morning I really don’t know
    What the bright day will bring to me tonight.... more »

  • We – Not We

    My joy and your joy don’t go together,
    My thoughts and your thoughts touch slightly.
    My hand, your hand – they will meet never,
    My dreams want to kiss your dreams lightly.... more »

  • We Are Too Romantic

    We are too romantic for the planet,
    And old-fashioned, and not adapted
    To the world where you must be in credit,
    Where our lives are virtual and coded.... more »

  • We’ll Go...

    We’ll go for a walk to the park,
    I’ll ask you to pick a daisy for me.
    Then we’ll look for a nest of a lark.
    We’ll be laughing, happy and free.... more »

  • When I Close My Eyes Some Day

    When I close my eyes some day,
    Don’t cry for the poor creature.
    There’re things you can’t delay
    And thoughts without any future...... more »

  • Without You

    There wouldn’t be any spring,
    Happy days and anything true.
    There would obviously be nothing
    In the world without you.... more »

  • You Are An Atheist

    „I am an atheist”, proudly you say,
    And then I feel the sharp prick in my heart
    For the pray which begins my every day
    When God lets the sun rise and the day start.... more »

  • You Cast A Spell On Me

    You cast a spell on me, and now
    I’m standing here in disbelief,
    Wondering why it happened and how…
    I protest, but my defense comes to grief.... more »

  • You Used To Be There

    You used to be there –
    In a bird’s singing, in a flower...
    I could feel you everywhere –
    Your touch, your smile, your power.... more »

  • Your Fountain Pen

    I have my eyes riveted to your hand,
    To your fingers holding the fountain pen,
    You’re very proud of the recognized brand.
    You put it away to reach for it again…... more »

  • Your Heart Is So Sad

    Your heart is so painful and sad,
    You can’t find any consolation,
    Things seem to be hopeless and bad,
    Everything you need is isolation…... more »