• Closing The Door

    My soul was robbed of its passion and its brilliance
    My words now are nothing more than empty expressions
    My affections no longer astray but rather absent indefinitely
    And in their absence dwindles the fuel for my obsessions... more »

  • For You Mom

    Throughout my life you have always been there
    You've shown me strength and love beyond compare
    At my lowest low and my highest high
    I always knew you'd be there by my side... more »

  • Just Keep Swimming

    It is an ocean
    And it is mine
    Somewhere in its depth lies my beginning
    A love that has no end... more »

  • Stepping Stone

    Rain pours from the sky
    As if to weep for me
    It becomes dim and gloomy
    As if to scold me... more »

  • Surrounded By Deception

    Surrounded by a cloud of deception
    Paralyzed by the chill of the night
    Seeking warmth from the fire in her eyes
    Suffocating from the lies that I fight... more »

  • The Fire In The Sky

    The fire in the sky blisters my skin
    Still I stand here and bathe in its light
    Burning and yearning for a taste of sweet sin
    Stripped before you I remain in this plight... more »

  • Unrequited Love

    Look into my eyes
    And tell me what you see
    Can you see through to my soul?
    My vulnerability?... more »

  • Whispers In The Night

    Whispers in the the night
    Are so faint I can't hear
    I know they are for me
    But the words are unclear... more »