• A Modern Psalm

    I miss you God.

    My mind aches from too much worry.
    Where is serenity?... more »

  • After Battle

    On the edge
    Where all explorers go,
    Fear is like air.... more »

  • Beautiful

    The picture is only of her face.
    She floats on the page.
    Her hair is more aura than earthly.
    She is the most beautiful.... more »

  • Beer In The Morning

    I'm drinking beer at 9: 38 AM.
    Damn, no, it's cider.
    I want to be one of those guys who's
    so loose he can drink beer in the morning;... more »

  • Birth And Death

    Dizzy and wailing like a child,
    the blood pours thick and dark.
    Too many moons and too many sleepless nights already,
    and you are perfect.... more »

  • Blackberry And Tar

    Bad cheap wine
    Tasting of blackberry and tar,
    Dancing angels
    That take me far... more »

  • Blue Skies

    On the outside,
    You can't see what's eating him.
    No more treatments are available.
    He lives on milky white liquid... more »

  • Cardigan

    Cardigan above the knotty pine,
    All granite peak and snowy cap.
    The fire that burned your
    Alpine scrub left you naked.... more »

  • Cherries And Cream

    God kisses angels from sleep like
    waves rippling the sun into
    a million tiny diamonds.
    We eat cherries and cream... more »

  • Current Life

    I leave tomorrow.
    Like an urchin
    Feeding from the current,
    Summer’s fall becomes... more »

  • Dive

    Dive into cold water,
    And this morning
    You might discover,
    Dazed by the frigid shock,... more »

  • Dream

    When a dream became
    three cents of death
    and cream I lick your
    patience off the revelation... more »

  • Elegant

    The silhouette of your shoulder,
    Moonlit and naked.
    I see you turn your head and
    Breathe the Paris night.... more »

  • Gatekeeper

    Endless hallways and never an open door:
    The giant in you will only die if you stop trying.
    Don’t stop because elegant banisters and
    Marble hallways will lead you to the place where you can rest.... more »

  • Kiss

    Cruising for a smile
    With her knowing look,
    She sees my flirty eyes,
    Impenetrable and delicious.... more »

  • Know

    Do you know how happy you’ve made me?
    Like sunlight on the first morning after two weeks of rain.
    My heart doesn’t know want when I’m near you,
    Except for you.... more »

  • Last

    Exeter rain and persimmon tea feed the
    Angry demons who steal your wonder.
    They laugh because you care too much
    About petty slights and sucker punches.... more »

  • Morning Eyes

    You look at the pages that sweat and chewed fingernails produced
    Over way too many hours that could have been spent at the beach.

    You peruse, with polite distance and gentle judgment, the work.... more »

  • Peel

    The harbor buoy peals on the ferry's rolling waves.
    Old houses, wind battered, line the same coast line
    that 100 years before held only shells and creatures.
    The clouds and water look the same: Gray, ancient, tired.... more »

  • Perfect

    The perfect burger:
    Thin and fried,
    Gooey cheese,
    Grilled Bun,... more »

  • Reasons

    When you died,
    You took one of my reasons.
    I will not find another as
    Pure and worth living.... more »

  • Thaw

    As the Spring thaw runs out of snow,
    The roaring waterfalls return to trickles, and
    Wild flowers burst like children laughing,
    Painting the fields with contagious colors:... more »

  • The Artist

    You don’t really like people.
    You’re committed to beauty.
    You see the canvas and the only relationship
    You need is with color and the transfer of... more »

  • The Ends

    Hemingway called it “blackass.”
    I call it The Ends.
    The place where no one visits:
    Even if they could,... more »

  • The Rose Bush

    If you are not in that rose bush then you must have sprinkled heaven down
    because every year you arrive this same day, and its large pink petals
    are exploding like confetti. The wind is throwing them up in the air
    for your ticker tape parade, and only the summer's first blooms... more »