• Dream Love

    ‘Gosh that girl is perfect’ this boy once said
    It was a dream he realised getting out of bed
    Day by day he pottered around
    Wondering if this girl was going to remain dream bound... more »

  • Dreams

    So easily made,
    So easily destroyed,
    So easily loved,... more »

  • Falling Apart

    My life ruined by past
    my life isnt going to last
    pain like a knife in my heart
    my life is falling apart... more »

  • Happiness...

    Can easily be torn apart
    But is always deep down in your heart
    However hard it may be to find... more »

  • I Love You

    This passion burning in my heart
    Me and you, till death do us apart
    This flame eternally alight
    For you are the most beautiful sight... more »

  • Identity - The Bully

    They all try to look the same
    all try to give themselves a name
    pick on the boy who is all alone
    just because his identity is his own... more »

  • Life...

    My life ruined by past
    My life isnt going to last
    Pain like a knife in my heart
    My life just falling apart.... more »

  • Lost And Found

    I go out searching
    For what I have lost
    When I find what is missing
    This maze gets bigger... more »

  • My Love

    You are my passion
    The passion that burns in my heart

    I love you... more »

  • My Mistake...

    My mistakes have left me alone
    Without the love that you’ve shown
    Now at a time it’s too late
    For this myself I will hate... more »

  • No Regrets

    There was a day where it was all wrong
    you know when it felt real long
    I want to die
    coz things arent right between us,... more »

  • Pain, From You.

    This life full of pains
    Used me and abused me, did you
    All the torture remains
    The memories left are few... more »

  • Peace

    Can be found deep down in the heart
    Can easily be torn apart... more »

  • Respect

    Respect is drifting away
    getting less and less by the day.
    People dont want to know
    As they seem to show... more »

  • Society

    So many differences, yet so little same
    all of the sheep following one name

    Groups causing a social split... more »

  • The Affects Of Abuse

    How is it I still feel the pain?
    It still rips me apart.
    Why am I left here in the dark?
    It overwhelms me.... more »

  • The Lonely Child

    My happiness has gone,
    Friends i have none
    Noone to talk to
    Nothing i can do... more »

  • This Melancholy State

    I’m stuck in this melancholy state
    Growing inside, a feeling of hate
    Torn asunder, by your presence
    Your love, ever so pretense... more »

  • Where Are You?

    I think about hate day to day
    Yet i love you anyway
    I feel empty day and night
    You fill me up at sight... more »

  • Why?

    Why do you ignore me?
    Why do i let it be?
    Why are you putting me down?
    Why do you make me frown?... more »