I thought it was about time that I rewrote this. It’s not that I have anything more to say. It’s also not that I have anything less to say. It’s just that I wanted to replace one example of nothingness with another. It can be so satisfying sampling different slices of meaninglessness, don’t you think?


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How Much Do I Love You?

'How much do I love you? '
I ask myself again.
All the way to Jupiter,
And half-way back again,... more »

Arm: Needle

Arm: needle;
Needle: arm.
Can’t wait for you
To become better acquainted.... more »

A Puppet's Cry

Picked up once more, like marionette,
And then flung down again.
How can anyone forget
That puppets too feel pain?... more »

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Louise Levicky 09 Mar 2007 04:37
Thank you, that's kind. I do not expect Apollinaire has that effect on heterosexual males, no. :) I liked Autumn Sonnet, I like the fact that the form is subverted with the off-beat rhythm. I find personally that the rhythm is the thing and much more powerful than rhyme in all things.... anyway, nice.