• A Puppet's Cry

    Picked up once more, like marionette,
    And then flung down again.
    How can anyone forget
    That puppets too feel pain?... more »

  • Adrenalin

    When the wind slaps your face
    and the rain blinds your eyes,
    when you're lost on a mountain
    in the fog with aching thighs,... more »

  • Arm: Needle

    Arm: needle;
    Needle: arm.
    Can’t wait for you
    To become better acquainted.... more »

  • Autumn Sonnet

    Each second leaves fall one by one to ground,
    And languidly caress their neighbours one
    By one, as if in fond farewell. The sun
    Still smiles, but weakly now, as though it’s bound... more »

  • Axe

    I know you've heard some evidence -
    You think you've got the facts -
    But look into my eyes my love,
    Before you raise that axe.... more »

  • Bedsit,10pm.

    I push the plunger home again and wait
    For multi-coloured patterns to gyrate...
    Off we go! I'm flying once again -
    'Psychedelic Airtours - you won't return the same'.... more »

  • Desensitisation

    Can't let myself be crushed again,
    By the merciless indiscriminate beast called love.

    Won't let myself be pushed again,... more »

  • Disaster Contingency Plan

    If my world should ever fall apart,
    I'll go and find some glue,
    To put it back like at the start -
    That's always assuming I can find a hardware store that's open.... more »

  • Distant, But Not Forgotten

    When I think of you so far away
    Across that stretch of sea,
    I cannot help but wonder if
    Sometimes you think of me.... more »

  • Dust

    Staring at the earth
    From the top of a tree -
    It is countless vile bodies
    Ripped at the seams.... more »

  • How Much Do I Love You?

    'How much do I love you? '
    I ask myself again.
    All the way to Jupiter,
    And half-way back again,... more »

  • Paradise

    Some say that self-destruction
    Lies just around the corner
    I say 'Fair play - that argument
    May just prove to be true,... more »

  • Raincloud.

    you are my raincloud,
    my dark grey raincloud.
    you just depress me,
    when skies are blue.... more »

  • Shallow Beauty

    It's unlikely but true -
    Your physical attraction
    Entertains me
    On so many levels.... more »

  • Sport

    Running frenzied through the forest
    Screams and bugle calls and howls
    Panic grips my fragile body
    Causing twisting in my bowels.... more »

  • Untitled

    I'd love to wake up next to you,
    To breathe the morning air
    And smell the scent upon your neck;
    Caress your long dark hair.... more »