• Accept Me

    All I want is me.. just me... more »

  • Childhood

    why so hard to say goodbye
    its just a word goodbye.
    we always say the that
    they said im running away... more »

  • Dream Alone

    I woke up with tears in my eyes
    And i remember the dream i had
    I saw myself standing the middle the road
    Looking at poeple where fasting by... more »

  • I

    I still I need you
    I still love you
    I still I like you
    I still I care for you... more »

  • I Hate You

    Hate you
    Hate you whenever you say hi to me
    Hate you whenever you try to makes me smile
    Hate you whenever you’re around me... more »

  • I Saw You

    The moment I saw you
    I felt something different
    I felt nervous
    I felt there’s a butterfly in my stomach... more »

  • I Still

    I don't know why he still here in my heart

    Maybe I'm still hoping or looking for away... more »

  • I Still Do

    I don't know why he still here in my heart
    Maybe I'm still hoping or looking for away
    Maybe to get back to you
    I think about the days that we had... more »

  • I Think I Have Crush On You

    I think I have crush on you
    Oh My God
    First time saw I already have crush on you
    I saw you at the GYM playing volleyball... more »

  • I’m Happy Right Now

    I’m happy right now

    Because of you I learn how to cry
    Because of you I learn how to laugh... more »

  • My Final Goodbye

    My Final Goodbye

    Did you ever loose someone you cared for?... more »

  • Scary

    Did you ever ask yourself
    Did you find the right person? ?
    Maybe... more »

  • The Guy At Pizza Place

    I always go at the pizza place near at my work
    Just to see you even though I already ate... more »

  • The Mask

    The mask
    Behind happiness
    Behind laughter
    There’s sadness that people can’t see or feel... more »

  • The Mirror

    The mirror
    Every morning
    We look at our self on the mirror
    Think who the person is.... more »

  • Winter Moonlight

    Winter moonlight
    The snow, so peaceful and serene caressed
    By the soft moonlight,
    Gave magical feeling to the night... more »

  • You Make Me Smile

    You make me smile
    You make me smile whenever I see you
    You make me smile whenever I hear you voice
    You make me smile whenever you kiss me or cuddle me... more »