• Earth Day

    If we only love today
    from our hearts; in nature,
    and return what was paid
    to us, nothing can be more... more »

  • Free Bird

    A bird I long to see
    bringing me cheer...
    I will cage you
    by my side, so I can have... more »

  • In The Heavens Of The Hung Tree

    The old man sits under the tree.
    The owner of the land scared as can be.
    The old man's eyes dance from the song birds
    taking shelter among the branches and listening to wise words.... more »

  • It Was Love, It Was Blind

    Do you know the place where we first kissed?
    Do you remember what it was like to touch my lips?
    Under a cotton sheet the woven threads felt
    our bodies pulse together, our lips melt.... more »

  • Nature's Date

    I brought you virgin flowers
    on our first date.
    Your scented love, which
    appeared your desire to grow.... more »

  • Playin' House

    She turned from me from the kitchen sink,
    her hands a sleep ready to dream.
    Her mouth went closed the water winks.
    The wine stained tested our purity.... more »