• A Child's Bath (For My Son Eric)

    Buzzards in the bathroom,
    Dragons in the sink,
    A walrus in the hamper,
    The penguins stop to think.... more »

  • A Veteran's Farewell

    At the end, he simply fell asleep, and was gone.
    Before this, we sat in vigil around his bed,
    family and friends,
    holding inside our grief and sorrow,... more »

  • Absence Of Malice

    The past does not consume me,
    but brings me a measure of peace.
    Each time with you was a gift,
    a simple desire for intimacy,... more »

  • Falling Into Eternity

    Poets through the ages have said
    it starts slowly,
    this transfiguration,
    much like an autumn leaf... more »

  • Fortunes Of War

    They've caused suffering beyond measure.
    Sparing neither soldier nor civilian from their greed,
    the war-kings count their profits.... more »

  • From A Grateful Nation..........

    The American Flag, folded in a triangle now, rests on the bureau at home.
    A few short hours ago it was draped over her husband's coffin,
    in honor of his sacrifice, really their sacrifice.
    'From a grateful nation' the Master Sergeant whispered to her... more »

  • Insha'Allah

    Do I think myself so self-important that at times
    I would seek to circumvent
    the physical reality
    of the Will of God?... more »

  • Kate's Hummingbird

    I watch with childlike fascination
    as the hummingbird flies into my garden.
    The morning sun causes the tiny bird
    to sparkle with green fire... more »

  • Laurie

    Little newborn
    child of promise.
    born under the Covenant,
    tightly wrapped in white,... more »

  • Leaving Jennifer

    ... more »

  • My Sister Sandra

    She died today, my sister Sandy,
    expelled from our mother's womb before the birth-moment,
    when will the crying stop?... more »

  • Norma

    To Norma,
    whose smile upon waking in the morning
    shows the depth of your love for me,
    even after almost four decades together.... more »

  • Only A Memory Now

    Captured by your smile,
    entranced by your gentle countenance,
    I cannot forget.... more »

  • Remainders

    Ahead of me on the sidewalk strolls
    a young couple, arm in arm,
    sharing a secret thought,
    oblivious to the swirling mass of humanity... more »

  • Restoring Innocence

    It happened decades ago, when he was seven years old.
    He worshiped his parents, who in turn
    adored him, and did everything they could
    to make his life wonderful and safe.... more »

  • Ripples

    I stand at the edge of the great pond, at dusk,
    calmed by the serenity of all that I see.
    I skim the smooth stone across the water,
    watching it bounce along the surface until,... more »

  • That Place Within

    I've built for myself
    a pleasant existence,
    comfortable but not opulent,
    finding love of family,... more »

  • The Ambiguity Of Silence

    To the unanswered question,
    silence is not an answer.
    Although some would argue
    Silence's virtue is of itself... more »

  • The Gift

    Any act of kindness,
    freely given,
    without expectation
    of personal gain... more »

  • The Last Milestone

    The young boy lays down on his back
    in the short grass near the top of the hill,
    shivering from the cold of the late Fall night.
    He stares into the starry, moonless sky,... more »

  • The Refiner's Fire

    The Master Swordsmith starts
    with a dull, jagged lump of steel.
    He heats it in a forge until it glows bright red.
    Then he hammers it on the anvil,... more »

  • The Revenge Of The Armenian Transvestites

    It was always a war which cut across
    all classes, villages, families,
    Us versus them.
    Their 'aberration' convicted them.... more »

  • The Transition

    ... more »

  • Thirteen

    Not yet thirteen years old,
    his life ripped apart by violence,
    father, uncles sisters, cousins, friends,
    killed by bombs from THEIR planes,... more »