• Courting A Dream

    I am smelling your warmth,
    Buried in your neck,
    Veiled in aureate hair.
    Under the crape myrtle... more »

  • Dreams Are Sometimes Made Of Feathers

    A black feather dances its way to wooden floors
    I am buried in my sheets and unwilling to acknowledge you
    Stubborn Daemon, you both bring and maculate dreams of her
    Her face is lost somewhere between lucid and wake... more »

  • For A Jester

    A man stumbles in from the heat of a winter.
    A spirit to quell his own glistening like ocean-light
    Spills from a bloody lower lip
    In remembrance of a lover’s taste.... more »

  • Shock And Awe-Ttrition

    An oddity you are to me darling
    So I kept a picture of your face
    What an expression you did make
    The soul of every laborer of grace... more »

  • Widow's Mite

    She is drowning evermore.
    Black dresses rivet when the wind blows.
    Drops are gliding down your cheekbones.
    This corpse, it slumps its way to Hades.... more »