• A Stone's Throw

    Some thing
    makes me quiet
    and draws me
    deep in the dark.... more »

  • Because I'M So Small

    the dry drain
    burn-soaked tears cripple me
    the pain smudges the purple night
    moans thrum in me... more »

  • Bones

    The graves are pure
    She said
    And nothing ever had meant the same to her
    In the... more »

  • Close The Door

    Come inside and close the window
    The thick sun is still asleep.
    I’m left to lie on aged sheets, that
    I grasp in little mounds like children.... more »

  • Melting

    It must
    be in the dream
    I had.... more »

  • Out On The Lake

    Out on the lake I sit, the
    grass is emerald, and the
    lips of the leaves are green.
    Alone, the birds talk like lovers,... more »

  • Peter Piper

    Peter piper picked a pair of pristine pens
    From the local bookstore.
    They were blank
    Silver coated Cronin chrome, with two small golden knobs on the end... more »

  • Pond Evening

    2 swans floated
    on 1 black: 1 white – I
    never knew – a calm
    lake?... more »

  • The Night Puppet

    he frowns
    drowns in sleep
    his head fed by a string
    it drapes the weather over him... more »

  • Thrown

    I’m caught up
    in an unstrung silence
    of my insane self.
    I wear the weather…... more »

  • Toothpaste Tubes

    This morning the toothpaste tubes
    were fornicating.
    Clamped in a sticky embrace, and
    creased... more »