• ...This Song

    I was just thinking about writing you a song
    one you can listen too or perhaps sing along
    one that will tell how I feel about you
    one you can sing when you think of me too... more »

  • From Within

    Speak easy
    listening to the sound of your heart beat.
    A silent feather bedlam in the sighs of your tantrum.
    Lucky flesh wallops... more »

  • In You

    How makes you wonder and full,
    bringing exalting pressures
    like an iced earlobe awaiting to be pierced,
    this one is for the poet in you.... more »

  • Just Another Hood Cat!

    Stick-up Kitty in the sun on the roof
    beating down his eyes for a victim Jack.
    Smiling at all possibilities,
    dreaming 'bout the loot spending 'cheese, ' in your pockets.... more »

  • New Move

    Pie pieces of jelly bean nieces
    bringing bushels of powerful pleases
    the tongue the gums
    the taste of one... more »

  • Oeuvre

    I obsess... more »

  • Pause

    Picture a picture of some things of something.
    Imagine an image of something unimaginable.
    Take that take and place it in a place
    somewhere where there's space in your mind... more »

  • Pearl Necklace

    Perhaps the velvet tick-tock aired submission
    Submerging discretion
    With blinking magenta magnetically pulsating
    Winter fuel thrusts... more »

  • Point Taken...

    Story told trouble
    bringing fluid mittens in my black low-rider,
    tempting chocolate words
    filling tubs of morning licks and afternoon stomps... more »

  • The Emotional Oggy...

    The Emotional Oggy into a restaurant afoot,
    challenged, controlling the worlds balance,
    finding a tune to sink his teeth too,
    discovers the wind full menu biting arrangements... more »

  • The Undercover Water Drops

    The two Undercover Water Drops
    in black shades with ashes on their glasses,
    watching me,
    watching you,... more »

  • Untitled '89

    O' silent moon and still of night
    Watch over me as I walk in fear
    Your helping hand, my hopeless life
    Oblivious path for a blinded deer... more »

  • What!

    I made a wrong turn in my mind, what!
    Going left instead of right, what!
    With a park free fix
    to see colors passing by me... more »