• All An Act?

    All the cry, all the apologies
    When you said you were sorry,
    Did you really mean it?... more »

  • Carry On

    When I am gone, carry on,
    You won’t have to worry
    I will be in a better place.... more »

  • Chanee'

    I think about you many times a day,
    Wanting to kiss you in every which way,
    Your beauty was made out of pure clay
    From Heaven in the Angels bay.... more »

  • Karma

    You played me,
    You made it seem like it was real,
    All this time you were taking advantages of me.
    I gave you everything you ask for... more »

  • Kept Trying

    I kept trying to cry
    But the tears won’t drop,
    I kept trying to die,
    But my life won’t stop.... more »

  • Not A Writer

    I’m not a writer,
    I’m not a poet
    I’m not a song writer,
    Nor a storyteller.... more »