• A Cold Bee With A Ray Gun

    Dawns creeping fingers
    harbours harbingers
    of a prompt indecision,
    in insincere derision,... more »

  • I Know You (Elegy For That Which We Knew)

    Memory splinters and cracks in soft traces,
    Through multihued truths; forward suddenly.
    Together, perchance, a seasonal grace,
    We may both do by each other kindly... more »

  • On A Time

    Heralding with gilded words,
    stoking the intention
    of an embellished refreshment,
    I spoke out Lunacy in the soft... more »

  • Reified Ingredients

    I dreamt of a sport
    'I could be a diver'
    She wistfully spoke
    And the vision did run... more »

  • Trepidation

    Lost in divine
    time's measured shrine
    benign elucidation springs
    slaps the hand, snaps the strings... more »