• An Easy Solution

    I don't need your drugs
    I don't want a quick fix
    I want some bloody peace
    Screaming, screaming bliss!... more »

  • Complete

    The atmosphere is full and bright
    The clouds are gone away
    It fills me with a certain light
    I feel it's lovely ray... more »

  • Do You Remember Me?

    I now look at your face
    After years gone by
    You left without a trace
    But i still want to try... more »

  • Half-Way House

    Your eyes were sharply red
    Your feelings made of rock
    Looking for a target
    I could only say stop... more »

  • Still Moment

    A deep blue sky in beauty
    Surrounds a tree of gold
    To capture this is my duty
    My memory to hold... more »

  • The Chair

    The chair that sits there, normally,
    brings about the air.... more »

  • The Glass

    When I look through the window
    I see hope up in the sky
    My eyes shoot inside motion
    My vitality is high... more »

  • Things

    Stand here for a moment
    Take a look around
    See the world and hear that noise
    Beautifully sound... more »