• 2004

    On the first of January across the World
    It is New Year's Day,
    When hopes for Life can be bold,
    For the past has gone away.... more »

  • A - Screwing

    Yesterday we were ‘a-screwing’,
    “Who were? ” ~ I hear you say,
    Marianna, my carer and I,
    A-screwing a flat-pack, last Thursday.... more »

  • A Child's Delight

    When snow does fall from out the sky
    And land upon the ground,
    As long as it does not start to thaw
    T'will cover all that is around.... more »

  • A Cycle Of Years

    The ages of Man,
    In cycles they ran,
    A cycle is made up of seven.
    Seven what? I do say,... more »

  • A Different Style

    Can I write, write, write?
    Dost the Muse take hold of me tonight?
    Slow, slow, slow
    The words through my brain dost flow.... more »

  • A Dream Or Reality?

    Tantalising, delectable, appealing are you,
    When I see you in my dreams, all night through.
    The pictures of you in my arms
    And how I am holding you... more »

  • A Fighter I Am

    A Fighter I am,
    A Fighter I be,
    Not a physical one,
    But a mental one I be.... more »

  • A Memory Recalled

    Today I remember fondly,
    An Event in Two Thousand and Seven,
    When a Sefer Torah was presented in Cambridge,
    In Memory of David Tabor ~ whose Soul is in Heaven.... more »

  • A 'National Poet Laureate'

    How privileged am I to be,
    Numbered amongst thee,
    My fellow poets who also here,
    Received this Accolade this year.... more »

  • A New Friend Yet To Be

    I'll dream of the warmth I'd feel when I'd hold your hand,
    How the softness of your lips,
    Would bring alive feelings within me,
    When my lips would brush yours in a kiss.... more »

  • A Novice Poet

    I am a Novice Poet,
    Why do you not believe me?
    I have written two hundred poems
    For you all to see.... more »

  • A Peaceful Life

    We wander down the road of Life,
    Cognisant of our days and night,
    Hoping health will fill our days,
    Free of trouble and of strife.... more »

  • A Poetry Agent Wanted

    Now I finally seek one,
    What is that that I do seek?
    A Poetry Agent now I want,
    Today ~ maybe this week.... more »

  • A Poet's Art

    Never let it be said by some,
    Nor let it be said by anyone,
    That a Poet's Art is not the same.
    As a Writer of Prose, or a Painter when... more »

  • A Prayer For 2004

    Midnight strikes the hour,
    Across the World it chimes,
    To herald in the New Year,
    Once more for all Mankind.... more »

  • A Rhyming Invitation

    Have I not got what it takes
    For you to befriend me,
    To be my date and more besides,
    And sit ye on my knee?... more »

  • A Sassenach You Will Be

    Michael, in a month you will be retiring,
    Leaving JBD in Bushey,
    To make your new home in Scotland,
    A Sassenach living in the Toon of Glasgee.... more »

  • A Short Encore

    When inspiration guides me
    My thoughts they blossom anew,
    To write down poems in rhyme and scan,
    Each day and New Year too.... more »

  • A Thank You From Cherry Tree Court

    Janet, you are leaving us,
    And going to Pastures New.
    We wish you success
    In all that you do do.... more »

  • A Tribute To My Father - Rabbi Dr Solomon Goldman Z.S.L.

    As a child grows up he/she is taught to do Right;
    To Love and Respect his/her Parents, his/her Elders and all those who are about him/her;
    To Fear G D; To have Trust and Faith and Seek Peace;
    To go through Life Tranquil, Calm, and Serene;... more »

  • A Trickle Of Words

    Why is this poem hard to write?
    Why will the words not flow from my Mind?
    They float In and Out, and scurry around,
    But onto my pad will not settle down.... more »

  • A Troubled Mind

    Whither, yonder and beyond
    Seeks the troubled mind
    Like ripples moving on a pond
    With scarce a look behind.... more »

  • A Two-Way Process

    Grateful again for HIS Faith in me,
    To write Poetry for you,
    Thankful am I that HE aids me,
    In another poem too.... more »

  • A Watched Kettle

    ‘A Watched Kettle Will Not Boil'
    This phrase is a fallacy,
    Becaused watched or not, it will boil,
    For you all to see.... more »

  • Adages

    An Adage is a Proverb,
    So we are told,
    To abide by it is good
    For the young and the old.... more »