• Bound Wrists

    Knives and blades all the same
    One slash, two slashes, three slashes your all up in flames
    Eager to hunt, eager to kill
    One push into the rain, I start to become ill... more »

  • Deep In Nature

    Green everywhere and as far as the eye could see
    Green plants, green leaves
    A small river, with a boulder or two
    And the sky so beautiful with blue... more »

  • Flowers Divine

    Many differnt colours
    Pick them, Smell them
    Such Beautiful smells and looks... more »

  • In The Trees

    The sky so pure and blue
    Makes my life feel renewed
    For those moments of the day
    In the elegant green trees I lay... more »

  • Kind Knives

    Sweet and nice
    Can be like knives
    But not your personality
    for it is like a butterfly... more »

  • Nature's Grasp

    The grass shining green and bright
    It gives the world a brand new light
    Butterflys flying through the weeds
    Fullfilling their little needs... more »

  • Piercing My Heart

    Your words pierce my heart
    You've done your part
    I now stay inside
    Waiting until are lives collide... more »

  • That One Guy

    Death, always lurking around the corner
    Some people want it...some don't
    Murderers, rapists making them selves known
    Some live...some die... more »

  • The Alley Way

    The night so dark
    And with these cuts mark
    I won't last long
    Laying in the alley way so long... more »