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Born London, based in Paris since 1973,

Founder-member Internet Society England
Civil Society Representative to U.K. Inter-Governmental E-Summit 2001
Advisory Board - International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet
Currently Board Member and Former Vice-President French Chapter, Internet Society
Founder French IPv6 Task Force - Pioneer Award IPv6 Forum http: // op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=18
Jonathan initiated and piloted ISOC's recognition as UNESCO Operational Level NGO
Former Secretary General Internet Society European Chapter Co-ordination http: //
Nominated to initial ISTF Steering Group by Vint CERF Election Chairman and Chair Internet Societal Task Force Privacy & Security WG.
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Since 1972:

Fellow, Japan Society of London, http: //
Fellow Zoological Society http: //
1994: Board Member, France's First IT Think Tank, Club de l'Arche.
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1996: Chair International Internet Forum 50th Anniversary MENSA International.
http: //
1997: Festive Committee Internet Fiesta http: //
1999 Vice-President French Teleworking Association http: //
2000: Vice President French Chapter Internet Society
Rapporteur Scientific Theme European Commission Teleworking Conference 2002 Paris
Advisory Board - International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet http: //
Scientific Committee UNESCO UNITAR
Founder Member Internet Society England
2000-2003 Secretary General Internet Society European Chapters Co-ordination
2001-2003: Internet Society Liaison UNESCO & OECD

Information Society Co-ordinator Newropeans http: //

Rapporteur UNESCO NGO WSIS Online Forum http: //

Recent Papers
Overview of Ethics and Convergence of Emerging Technologies for the Seamless Society I – Intergovernmental Bureau UNESCO IFAP
http: //
Overview of Ethics and Convergence of Emerging Technologies for the Seamless Society II – Intergovernmental Council UNESCO IFAP March 2006 http: //

Since 1999, Jonathan has taken a lead role in raising awareness of the Societal and Economic impacts of IPv6 taken in the context of ‘intelligent interface ubiquity’ of tomorrow’s sensor networks. This includes WSIS PrepComs, with both Privacy and Accessibility as InfoEthics priorities, notably since the November 2000 UNESCO InfoEthics Conference. – See powerpoint link given for World Summit on the Information Society in Bucarest updated for the Russian Communities Conference St. Petersburg 2003

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2000: Founder and former Vice President IPv6 Task Force France
2008: IPv6 Forum Pioneer Award
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2011 re_elected
Board Member Internet Society French Chapter
Vice-President French Teleworking and Teleactivities Association http: //


Jonathan ROBIN Poems

Advice To An Applicant - Parody Rudyard Kipling – If

If you can back your boss and keep on smiling,
while toning down his brash absurdities,
if, having watched the man manhandle filing,... more »

A Secret Sadness After William Collis Brookes For Helidor

A secret sadness pains my heart
whenever, with a smiling face,
we meet with others, scarce apart,
in drawing-room or public place.... more »

Acceptance Dance

She stands on river's brink to think
of future fair ahead,
holds hands with wonder's link to ink
all hope her heart has said.... more »

Jonathan ROBIN Quotes

POETRY: Openly shared articulated harmony of individual ability to channel creative soul-song AWAY from the ego
Jonathan Robin
LIFE: A finite succession of infinite opportunities
Jonathan Robin
NOISE: Signals static individuals are unaware they COULD decipher
Jonathan ROBIN

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Doug Bentley 29 Jun 02:07
The Vatican has its Necropolis; Poemhunter, a World Poetry Archive. Welcome & Congratulations! Intrepid Traveler you've just found one of Poemhunter's most valued, buried, treasured, chests! So, traveler less roaded, are you a Rhodes traveler too?
M M 10 Jan 2012 06:25
A very talented poet, whose poems are always beautifully penned, not only through the choice of the words (mostly far beyond relevance) , but also through the thoughts these poems carry... and the sense of humour. Some of these pieces can be considered as masterpieces.
Jack Sprat 05 Jan 2012 03:18
It is not surprising to find Jonathan Robin among the top hundred most popular poets on Poemhunter... and apparently he has also 10 poems ranked in the top 20 out of 4 million on allpoetry. Looking at his biography one is surprised that he finds time to write in such a diversity of traditional styles on so many subjects, both contemporary and classical. One is confused by the number of poems nominally on poemhunter - less than 1400 compared to more than two thousand in his poetry book apparently available for download. As written in one of the comments below 'This gent has experimented with every possible poetic medium out there and with exceptional results.' - one can only agree and applaud.