Jonathan Swift 30 November 1667 – 19 October 1745

Quotes (3)

I cannot but conclude the bulk of your natives to be the most pernicious race of little, odious vermin that Nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surface of the earth.
Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), Anglo-Irish satirist. The king of Brobdingnag to Gulliver, in "A Voyage to Brobdingnag," ch. 6, Gulliver's Travels (1726).
Where I am not understood, it shall be concluded that something very useful and profound is couched underneath.
Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), Anglo-Irish satirist. The Tale of a Tub, preface (1704).
The most positive men are the most credulous.
Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), Anglo-Irish satirist. Thoughts on Various Subjects (1711).

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