Jonathan Tafreg was born in Mara, Tanzania, on October 4,1985. He graduated from Teofilo Kisanji University 2012-2015 in studies of Arts from the faculty of education where he was the president of the United Nations Chapter and Foreign Languages Club.

He later served as a college instructor and a secondary English language teacher before embarking on a serious arts business. He is a wizard when it comes to creative writing and music. He is well known by the stage name Jo Africa and mostly among colleagues, students and relatives as John Baraka, the acquired school name.

He married Rachel William in 2014. They have two sons, William 2015 and Brighton 2018.


Jonathan Tafreg Poems

Bones For The Poor

Bones for poor, flesh for rich
Take your water, I'm not a fish
Don't forget this in your speech
I'm still a poor man.... more »

So Different

I remember when you told me
That you no gonna fight,
And I thought you're just
Feeling alright,... more »

The Winged Ones

Will you be pleased, if you swallow me?
Are you not so big to feed on me?
I'm just a little, take a look at me!
O mighty winged; have mercy on me.... more »

Jonathan Tafreg Quotes

Don't fight with someone who has got nothing to lose, and don't lose for someone who has got nothing to fight for.
Jonathan Tafreg
If you don't have the work to do, then be the work itself and people will do you.
Jonathan Tafreg
To live with idiots, one must invest heavily in tolerance.
Jonathan Tafreg

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