• A Good Teacher

    The purities of a mother profession.

    A business just like any other,... more »

  • A Midnight Visitor

    When the sun goes down, she wears a long face,
    Then she takes her anti-aging pills, and a necklace,
    As if she wants to live forever young, she takes a pace,
    Straight to the bathroom, her most sacred place.... more »

  • A Monster Of Our Own Making

    He came from nowhere,
    Terrorizing the neighborhood,
    Sucking blood of the less fortunate ones,
    A monster of our own making!... more »

  • Acrostic Of A Refined Self

    Enlightenment is essential in overcoming
    Darkness which is the most scariest and
    Ugliest of all that obscures human
    Character and personality whereby... more »

  • Am Very Busy

    Do you think I'm very little man?
    Wide like an ocean,
    Am very busy.... more »

  • Behind The Moon

    Can you close your eyes,
    And imagine being mine,
    Can you close your thighs,
    And imagine being wine.... more »

  • Bones For The Poor

    Bones for poor, flesh for rich
    Take your water, I'm not a fish
    Don't forget this in your speech
    I'm still a poor man.... more »

  • Bride Price

    No wrong is done to one who consents,
    The worst comes when you fail to confess,
    For the things that one can't express,
    And for the problems one can't address.... more »

  • Demimondaine

    You brought me in this world,
    A world of billions choices,
    And I found this Dreamworld,
    A world of distinct voices.... more »

  • Divine Proof

    He gave them everything for free,
    Free air, free land, free water
    Water that gave them fish,
    Fish that gave them proteins,... more »

  • Dust Man Dust

    It's just paining a lot,
    On the last day I'm gonna leave this world,
    It's just paining a lot,
    On the last day I'm gonna say no word,... more »

  • Forgive Me

    Forgive me!
    For all the pain and suffering I brought you,
    For all the years of tears I rained you,
    For all the sorrows and long faces I gave you,... more »

  • Give Them Food

    If you deal with a creature,
    And you dream of making best,
    Do dealing alone.... more »

  • Give Your Daughter Education

    Is she truly not your daughter?
    The little one that seats by the door,
    For one day she can be the doctor,
    If you decide to give her some more.... more »

  • Hill Of Pleasure

    A beautiful hill of pleasure at the back,
    Bewitching round spots on her breast,
    Shining eyes like fireflies in the dark.... more »

  • Home Girl

    I shall stand alone, until I get a crown
    Just stay with me, stay at home
    We gonna take over throne
    I'm the one whom you need, babe take me home... more »

  • Let Them Be

    Let them be brother!
    For that is how it is.

    Let blessings shower those who seek for it:... more »

  • Let Them Celebrate

    There's a party going on,
    Down the planet Earth,
    A party of a wellborn,
    Jesus of Nazareth.... more »

  • Let's Love One Another

    Walking again, gain, gain, gain - babe,
    I'm your man not your brother,
    Give me no pain, pain, pain, pain - babe,
    Let's love one another.... more »

  • Man In The Office

    Hello Mr. Man with a big stomach,
    Are you pregnant or obesity?
    Breaking wooden chairs,
    Is that not too much?... more »

  • My Sweet April

    When I look upon your cheeks, when I look upon your lips,
    When I look upon your hips, you're my spongy girl,
    You're the only one I need, you're the only one I love,
    You're the only one to marry, my spongy girl.... more »

  • Peacemaker

    Keep preaching your peace,
    While people are fighting war,
    One thing you don't understand.... more »

  • Premier Of Roses And Wine

    I am the son of a bitch as you said,
    But you go to toilet 'cos I have paid,
    What you have is just out of raid,
    I know you well mister son of a maid.... more »

  • Respect

    Do you believe in male domination,
    And you want to treat them,
    Like their Lord?... more »

  • Rotten Afterlife

    You see,
    You feel,
    You make life,
    And all the trouble begins.... more »