I am a North Carolina native and have been writing poetry all my life. I took a break from writing to take care of my mom and deal with some other personal things along the way. I am just getting comfortable writing again and searching for little things to give me inspiration. I completed my book several years ago and now I am finally comfortable submitting it to the Library of Congress for copyright provisions......... Let's see where this takes me!


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I carried you in my arms, like you used to carry me
I fed you with my hands, like you used to feed me
I bathed you with my care, like you used to bathe me
I loved you with my heart, like you used to love me... more »

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Dr Tony Brahmin 06 May 2016 09:25
i carried in you in my arms. i breasted you you lived from my milk i was your joy you were my joy mom is the most loving person here on earth...... ilove your poem simply because i lost my loving mum when she was only 38. she had cancer. how i long for her presence. thank you my dear poet for your poem on your dear mom. tony