• Angel Eyes

    Remember the house we built in a dream
    By the sky and the misty sea?
    I went there tonight on a lonely moonbeam
    For at last I found I was free.... more »

  • Automata

    ... more »

  • Bringer Of Light

    I saw my love carried away on a cloud to the palace of the gods
    Where the master of fate crowned her with a star and set her image among the heaves,
    Chained to the sky her presence shadowed the very sun,
    Bringer of light! confronted by your beauty even Aphrodite goddess of desire... more »

  • Crucify Mankind

    Christ what a loss, you died on a cross
    So the world and his wife could be saved,
    Christ all that pain and you suffered in vain
    For the world and his wife are depraved.... more »

  • Danielle

    Dry your tears Danielle, do not fear Danielle
    In the garden of your dreams I do belong,
    Turn around Danielle, you have found Danielle
    I am in the sound of every lovers song.... more »

  • Depression To Die For

    i go through the motions of being alive
    no not living for there is no life or
    light at the end of this tunnel.
    home alone in my room sitting … staring... more »

  • Devils-Bit

    My body was chilled the night I awoke
    For a vision was fresh in my mind,
    Of a woman I'd seen in a black-as-night cloak
    And I swear she was not of my kind.... more »

  • Fate Was A Daughter

    you appeared surrounded by ecstatic worshippers
    like an orgiastic goddess in search of a kingdom,
    and when i saw you my reason flew out as a bird
    so that stripped of my armour my insanity was revealed.... more »

  • Forever As Before.

    I find myself drawn to her
    Like a moth to a flame.
    Causing... more »

  • Free At Last

    Free at last the empires pink erased,
    Africa! giant no longer slumbering.
    but smouldering and now
    shackled by another power... more »

  • He Might Have Loved

    Perhaps he might have loved with more passion
    And lived more dangerously than he does now,
    If he’d remembered youth was a passing fad.... more »

  • Hold My Hand

    Walking along the beach
    Scratching a stick in the sand,
    Everyone's out of reach
    Won't somebody hold my hand?... more »

  • I Like Dirt

    ... more »

  • I'D Love To Be A Woman

    Gee, i'd love to be a woman
    They've such an easy life,
    I'd love to be a woman
    Be some rich sucker's wife.... more »

  • Image Of My Love

    ... more »

  • Insect-Inside

    A cricket and a cockroach
    Were necking in a drain,
    When suddenly the cricket cried:
    'Someone has pulled the chain.'... more »

  • Its Quite Quiet

    ... more »

  • Letter From A Reluctant Soldier

    At last my love a chance to write
    Though I've thought of you every day,
    The sun has set but the moon is bright
    It's as well for I've much to say.... more »

  • My Belfast Girl

    If only I could come to your land
    I know I'll find you waiting
    anticipating …... more »

  • Not-A-Muse-D

    I slump in my chair;
    the blank screen,
    a mirror of my mind.... more »

  • Once Again In Love

    Sleepily she looks at me
    With love lustrous eyes
    Skin damp and glistening
    Breasts rising and falling... more »

  • Perceptions

    How sad that perceptions change so rapidly
    When outside forces exert pressure and
    Whisper half-truths into your mind
    Causing you to reject me so that my pleas... more »

  • Still Thinking Of Her

    Exquisite and evocative images sneak into my mind
    Washing over my thoughts like waves breaking upon the shore,
    Sliding through my mind like oil across glass
    Before fading into nothing but a memory... more »

  • The Absence Of Life

    Once I lived in the land where Aphrodite was born
    The land of the birth of Venus
    That mysterious lover who turned herself into a bitch
    Yet still chose to remain a virgin.... more »

  • The Agony Of Indigo.

    I’m not too comfortable in the here and now,
    Because I don’t belong in this space,
    I’d like to go back if I only knew how
    Someone else can have my place.... more »