• The Poor

    I walk the streets and though not meanly drest,
    Yet none so poor as can with me compare;
    For none though weary call me into rest,... more »

  • The Prayer

    Wilt Thou not visit me?
    The plant beside me feels Thy gentle dew;
    And every blade of grass I see,... more »

  • The Presence

    I sit within my room, and joy to find
    That Thou who always lov'st, art with me here,
    That I am never left by Thee behind,... more »

  • The Rail Road

    Thou great proclaimer to the outward eye
    Of what the spirit too would seek to tell,
    Onward thou go'st, appointed from on high... more »

  • The Robe

    Each naked branch, the yellow leaf or brown,
    The rugged rock, and death-deformed plain
    Lie white beneath the winter's feathery down,... more »

  • The Robin

    Thou need'st not flutter from thy half-built nest,
    Whene'er thou hear'st man's hurrying feet go by,
    Fearing his eye for harm may on thee rest,... more »

  • The Rose

    The rose thou show'st me has lost all its hue,
    For thou dost seem to me than it less fair;
    For when I look I turn from it to you,... more »

  • The Slave

    I saw him forging link by link his chain,
    Yet while he felt its length he thought him free,
    And sighed for those borne o'er the barren main... more »

  • The Soldier

    He was not armed like those of eastern clime,
    Whose heavy axes felled their heathen foe;
    Nor was he clad like those of later time,... more »

  • The Son

    Father, I wait thy word. The sun doth stand
    Beneath the mingling line of night and day,
    A listening servant, waiting thy command... more »

  • The Song

    When I would sing of crooked streams and fields,
    On, on from me they stretch too far and wide,
    And at their look my song all powerless yields,
    And down the river bears me with its tide;... more »

  • The Spirit

    I would not breathe, when blows thy mighty wind
    O'er desolate hill and winter-blasted plain,
    But stand in waiting hope if I may find... more »

  • The Spirit Land

    Father! thy wonders do not singly stand,
    Nor far removed where feet have seldom strayed;
    Around us ever lies the enchanted land... more »

  • The Stranger's Gift

    I found far culled from fragrant field and grove
    Each flower that makes our Spring a welcome guest;
    In one sweet bond of brotherhood inwove... more »

  • The Tree

    I love thee when thy swelling buds appear
    And one by one their tender leaves unfold,
    As if they knew that warmer suns were near,... more »

  • The Trees Of Life

    For those who worship Thee there is no death,
    For all they do is but with Thee to dwell;
    Now while I take from Thee this passing breath,... more »

  • The Violet

    Thou tellest truths unspoken yet by man
    By this thy lonely home and modest look;
    For he has not the eyes such truths to scan,... more »

  • The War

    I saw a war, yet none the trumpet blew,
    Nor in their hands the steel-wrought weapons bare;
    And in that conflict armed there fought but few,... more »

  • The Wind-Flower

    Thou lookest up with meek confiding eye
    Upon the clouded smile of April's face,
    Unharmed though Winter stands uncertain by... more »

  • Thy Beauty Fades

    Thy beauty fades and with it too my love,
    For 'twas the self-same stalk that bore its flower;
    Soft fell the rain, and breaking from above... more »

  • Thy Better Self

    I AM thy other self, what thou wilt be,
    When thou art I, the one seest now;
    In finding thy true self thou wilt find me,
    The springing blade, where now thou dost but plough.... more »

  • Thy Brother's Blood

    I have no Brother,—they who meet me now
    Offer a hand with their own wills defiled,
    And, while they wear a smooth unwrinkled brow,... more »

  • Time

    There is no moment but whose flight doth bring
    Bright clouds and fluttering leaves to deck my bower;
    And I within like some sweet bird must sing... more »

  • To The Canary Bird

    I cannot hear thy voice with others' ears,
    Who make of thy lost liberty a gain;
    And in thy tale of blighted hopes and fears... more »

  • To The Fossil Flower

    Dark fossil flower! I see thy leaves unrolled,
    With all thy lines of beauty freshly marked,
    As when the eye of Morn beamed on thee first,... more »