• In The Distance

    I'm growing all the time, you see,
    I'm learning how to think;
    Go on much farther, and I'll find,
    He's been waiting there for me.... more »

  • Kz

    (After the concentration camp.
    The last line is not original,
    but taken from the journal of a prisoner.)... more »

  • Leaves

    The emtpy hallways, the lonely corridors
    Bar the attempt for any thoughts
    Of future hopes, future dreams,
    Instead reviving those memories... more »

  • Love Is Like A Stethoscope

    This morning I woke up,
    And all the stuff
    That happened yesterday
    Seemed oh so far away...... more »

  • Meadow World

    Under a red night sky
    Our arms embrace, no sound
    Is heard 'cept soft breathing
    And a distant bleat from the farmlands,... more »

  • Ms. Homecoming Queen

    Homecoming queen,
    You and me in a dream,
    Make-believe, so it seems,
    I'm lost in between.... more »

  • Never Grow Old

    Never grow old, kid, never change.
    Years from now we’ll revisit you
    In thoughts and dreams; we love
    You for your smile, your spring,... more »

  • Nimble Nine Tales

    Old photographs lay by my feet,
    Pages torn, disheveled, even browning.
    A feeling of antiquity, of past glory
    Nimbly skims up through my thumbs.... more »

  • Nonsense, Or Perhaps A Wonderful Despair

    I hate the fact I'm feeling
    All this endless sickly dreaming
    The rush, rush, rush
    Of make-believing,... more »

  • Of Rainy Seasons

    The dribbling sheets
    Touch in noiseless triumph:
    Trapped, we crowd
    In the house's amber, artificial light,... more »

  • Of Wars And Wonder

    In small eyes the world
    Hides its secrets-the
    Untold rhymes, archaic
    Riddles left unanswered... more »

  • P.S. Halfway

    I have learned a good many things,
    The most of those being:
    I have much more to learn.... more »

  • Pair Of Laces

    I wonder, in my silent dreams,
    Why every moment spent with you,
    I'm not myself; that is,
    I'm really who I want to be... more »

  • Perhaps?

    in her eyes
    i cannot tell,
    if i'm old news
    or sometimes swell.... more »

  • Purply-Blue

    A roving couple, Parisian drifters,
    Are speaking songs in tempo, tune,
    Each sparkly note all purply-blue.... more »

  • Rearrange

    Well, this is certainly a katzenjammer.
    Love, Logic, Lucid!
    ‘It’s just a green-eyed monster, kid.’
    I can’t help it, she directs my dreams.... more »

  • Roof Kites

    It breaks free from our hands
    And drifts skyward, a breeze
    Blustering, a dream fading,
    Feeling as though our toy... more »

  • Simple Silence

    Are you thinking of me, from your
    Golden braids, your windblown tresses?
    The jazzing is cerulean, phosphorous,
    It steals my heart towards yours.... more »

  • Sola Deo Gloria

    Act 1: Twilight

    Like a jolt of jaggedness,... more »

  • The Ballad Of Sparta

    Men of old in shining armor,
    Brand their swords and ride like thunder,
    Cities quake; behold their tremor!
    Xerxes turns toward Greece.... more »

  • The Firebirds

    The bitter smattering, the cold, stagnant icicles
    Of the iron birds, their rigid wings
    Descend like anathema
    Upon our sun-caked heads,... more »

  • The Outcome

    Somewhere now –
    They’re hiding in ambush.
    Forget the sun—
    They’re waiting for you.... more »

  • The Wanderer

    Once there walked a wanderer
    Whose vigil voice and Thorian thunder
    Searched river low, still knolltop high,
    For the Land of Désenéiamoor,... more »

  • Thoughts Upon The Construction Of A Swing

    I wish I knew how to build a swing,
    A beautiful thing that would sway
    The right way, or (at this point) a swing
    That would just swing at all.... more »

  • To Her And Him

    I remember, as a child,
    She would stir our lemonade;
    He would sit and tell us jokes,
    Then hide our easter eggs.... more »