• Always And Forever

    I see her nearly every day
    But my love for her will never fade away
    Her hair is brown, her eyes are green
    The prettiest face I've ever seen... more »

  • Are They Really Right?

    Aliens, Bigfoot and monsters in spite
    Who people talk about day and night
    But the thing that concerns me
    That most people can't see... more »

  • Camping

    The running water of the river is putting me to sleep
    The promise of staying awake until dinner is hard for me to keep
    My dog is resting peacefully beside my folding chair
    In this place for camping I do not have a care... more »

  • I Did It

    I did it
    I kept going and didn't quit
    The yelling pounded in my ears
    Like it has for so many years... more »

  • Invisible

    No one sees me,
    Am I not there?
    Am I invisible?
    Or do you just not care?... more »

  • My Secret Place

    I'm sitting by the riverside on a sturdy log
    I can think so clearly here my mind works just like cogs
    I'm hidden by the sticks and bush on eather side of me
    But the view infront of I is more than THEY can see... more »

  • Subjects

    Math, Socials and P.E.
    Aren't the greatest subjects to me
    Math is tough, and the numbers are plenty
    And calculators cost a pretty penny... more »

  • The Thing

    I'm standing in a field of green
    Sunshine, flowers and grass to see
    Bunnies, birds and deer are there
    You can see them everywhere... more »

  • With My Back To City Hall, On Yom Kippur

    The gnats love the highway dividers,
    the freelance pickup artists love the softness of the hands
    of the women who love their friends
    for walking with them laughing at the situation,... more »