• 0,1,2,3,4...8!

    Zero cuts
    When do I start?
    One cut
    Is it enough?... more »

  • Cry (Short Story)

    ... more »

  • Does Anyone Care?

    If I was to die tonight
    Would anybody care?
    If I used a gun
    Would anyone hear?... more »

  • Easier Not To Cry

    Why do i cut?
    Thats for me to kno
    why do i take my life?
    Thats for me to kno... more »

  • Engraved

    Engraved in my arm
    Is the name of her.
    The one I want to hold
    And love forever.... more »

  • Mercy

    The cut is a gain
    For personal pain.
    Scratch the color
    As blood stains a flower.... more »

  • Pain

    The deeper the better
    The blood can't be redder.
    Cut even deeper
    Catch a glimpse of the reaper... more »

  • Roses Are Red

    Look at this garden
    With roses a dark shade of red.
    The roses match the shade
    Of which his arm bled.... more »

  • Scared And Lonely

    as i sit here
    scared and lonely
    i here the
    windows moaning... more »

  • Suicide!

    Here I sit
    Looking at my arm.
    I sit and wonder
    Why do i do self-harm?... more »

  • The Rush

    It happens so fast
    Just like I can't stop it
    The scars left by it are just a memory
    At first it was a little bit... more »

  • Who Am I?

    Who are you
    to say im fat?
    Who am I
    to say you're wrong?... more »