• A Dream Of Farmhouses

    My shadow, penetrated by dewy pastures,
    by constellations imprisoned in farmhouses,
    the breathing of sleeping men... more »

  • Anonymous Speech

    COMRADES: the world is built upon our dead
    and our feet have created all the roads.
    Also, beneath every sky, there is not an inch of shadow... more »

  • Biography

    The window born of a desire for sky
    has stationed itself in the black wall like an angel:
    it's friend to man,... more »

  • Biography for the Use of Birds

    I was born in the century of the death of the rose
    when the motor had already driven out the angels.
    Quito watched as the last stagecoach rolled away,... more »

  • Ecuadorian Man under the Eiffel Tower

    You turn into a plant on the coasts of time.
    With a chalice of round sky
    and tunnel for traffic,... more »

  • Indian Rebellion

    Refracted into brilliance,
    last candles hiss
    in the mountain's rainy mist.... more »

  • Loneliness of Cities

    Without knowing my number,
    enclosed by walls and borders,
    I walk around with a prisoner's moon... more »

  • Nothing

    In bookstores there are no books,
    in books no words,
    in words no essence:... more »

  • Power Of The Word

    You, panther and statue, angel of fruit,
    sexual bread shop, monument of wheat,
    with throat pierced by the dart... more »

  • Sketch Of Contemporary Man

    The world is covered with cradles
    that sing in the night.... more »

  • Sunday

    Fruit seller church
    seated at the corner of life:
    crystal orange windows,... more »

  • The Return Journey

    My life was a geography
    I surveyed over and over again,
    a book of maps or dreams.... more »