• Fleeting Return

    The kitchen was still sprinkled
    with flour and prayers.
    The nurse tucked in the night ghost,... more »

  • It was a lark, bichito, no nightingale

    It is not easy to graft oneself onto you, my dear.
    I realize that I was laughing and not coughing
    what I said to you, and I should unthink the things... more »

  • The Exhumed

    If you were saying, if you were wondering from where
    it came, who it is, where it lives, it could not
    speak but of death, of substances... more »

  • The Girl from Tokyo

    "I' am not a professional, I work
    in an office of the American Army."... more »

  • The Hunted

    Is it possible that this is the entire
    story, a single day? Yesterday's news,
    lost in the next-to-last page,... more »

  • The Pursuit

    Is it possible that this were all... more »

  • The Visit

    I call to the door.
    —Who is it, I ask.
    —Me, I answer.... more »