Joscephine Gomez Biography

Joscephine Gomez's multi-faceted life includes classical singing- doing mostly solo recitals and concerts in the Philippines and in other countries - and professional speaking. She is the author and principal lecturer of 27 short courses in voice, communication, sales, marketing, public relations and personality development of business executives and other professionals. She is Founder and Chief Consultant of the Gomez Clinic for Voice Therapy and Rehabilitation, the first clinic in her country that specializes on voice disorders secondary to hyperfunction and hypofunction of the laryngeal mechanism and the only one engaged in vocal behavior modification. The soprano occasionally finds time to act in stage plays and write as a free-lance journalist.

Joscephine started to write poems at age 7. Thinking that what she produces might just be the same 'poetry by a child' and may not qualify as poetry by professional standards, she kept most of what she wrote to herself and shared only a few to people close to her. The comments she received for her her first few postings on PoemHunter. com confirmed they are poems, indeed, and for that, she is grateful.