• A Birthday Poem For Ligaya

    With joy you work,
    With joy you talk,... more »

  • Any Of These Ways

    For CP

    A penetrating gaze,
    a happy, smiling face,... more »

  • As I Remember Your Smile

    As I remember your smile this beautiful morn,
    From the wellspring of compassion these words are born,... more »

  • Breathing

    Inhaling, yawning, sniffing, gulping
    sucking, slurping, gasping, sipping
    exhaling, projecting, resonating, whistling
    laughing, giggling, talking, chanting... more »

  • Cup Of Tolerance

    Leave Manila at 5: 00 A.M.?
    I agreed.
    All of you couldn't make it
    even at seven... more »

  • Eaten By The Wave Of Disbelief

    Your vision too narrow, clouded by doubt,
    I see on your face, a frown and a pout,... more »

  • Feelings Tire The Heart

    Slowly, unknowingly, they enter you,
    become part of you,
    they grip you,
    they own you,... more »

  • Gracious Exit

    Words don't come easily on the mouth of one
    whose heart saw joy soon gone
    who knew that this joy had come
    just to leave when her mission's done.... more »

  • Hooked

    A smile, a look
    connectedness felt.
    Booked.... more »

  • Love On A Plate

    A smile blooms like a rose
    kissed by the sun... more »

  • Mentoring

    My students come from all walks of life,
    Eager to end all difficulty and strife,
    My talent, my expertise, my knowhow they seek,
    To make them more confident, secure and not weak.... more »

  • My Favorite 'M' Words

    Manners, moral, magic, maverick,
    music, melody, madrigal, mazurka, mic,
    mouth, muesli, mint,
    magenta, mirror, menorah,... more »

  • Power Of Fragrance

    The whispering fragrance of honeysuckle
    creeping towards my brain,
    turns me into a princess clad
    in a silk and velvet gown with a train,... more »

  • Singers We Are

    Dedicated to all serious profesional singers in this world

    We bring forth feelings like water from a deep well,
    We caress every note, hearts we've touched can tell,... more »

  • Slumber

    The world stops spinning,
    I see the light dimming,
    Thoughts stop springing,
    I feel rest beckoning... more »

  • The Long Wait

    Eager to find a restaurant or bakery,
    Or grab a bite even at a grocery,
    Waiting for my brain to get signals of satiety,
    Running to get to the nearest lavatory.... more »

  • Words Of Wisdom

    Dedicated to Gil M. Vicente, M.D., an internationally-known otorhinolaryngologist and one of my best male friends

    Soon I'll take off this earth my feet,
    Words of Wisdom to you I bequeath,... more »