• 2 Liters

    There has been an itching inside of my head
    going on for a while now,
    I have tried to ignore it,
    and just push it down into the void.... more »

  • Blurry

    All I could hear was the voice
    that has long since haunted me.
    'Tucson to Cuidad Juarez now
    boarding'.... more »

  • Chance

    It was a moment of chance,
    a game of luck,
    and then she appeared in my horizon.
    Like the frozen, dreaming,... more »

  • December Flame

    ... more »

  • Double

    ... more »

  • Flash Fiction

    Her smile spoke to me.
    The shine of her essence spoke to me.
    It was the way she held her book
    as she read that sent a shiver... more »

  • Flavor Of The Month

    Is this where we stand now?
    Bought and sold to the multinational
    Cheap whores... more »

  • Four Walls

    Four walls of adobe.

    Those four walls were
    painted a light green... more »

  • Ghosts In Adobe

    These adobe walls hold
    all of yesterday inside.
    It is all just dust and
    empty tears.... more »

  • Green And Grey

    I can still remember your avenues
    and the rhythm of your heartbeat.
    The traffic did not take one
    thing away from the passion... more »

  • In The South

    Rode the hound down into New Orleans,
    days spent in Ozona
    sleeping through the memories.
    Texas was one big dust storm... more »

  • Ode To A Huntress Moon

    I can still recall the cold air as it breezes
    by those memories held inside
    for so many years.
    I wonder if the ground appreciates... more »

  • Ozona

    I'm waiting for the moon to shine
    bright in the horizon.
    Maybe I should get on the hound
    or take the train somewhere past... more »

  • Single Malt

    Congress was beneath our feet as
    we strolled down Fourth Avenue
    and headed for a night of excess.... more »

  • That Terrible Motel Room

    That terrible motel room
    holds so many memories
    and broken dreams.
    The walls are tainted with... more »

  • The Flood

    The reasoning escapes me tonight.
    Memories are flowing through my
    veins and tasting tears with
    every heartbeat.... more »

  • The Ides Of March

    I can still feel the air of that March evening.
    My hands still shake whenever I recall
    that somber little reunion.
    I had not expected to see you anytime soon.... more »

  • The Painted Lizard

    The whiskey was always
    flowing at the Painted
    Lizard Cafe.... more »

  • Welcome To Arizona

    Welcome to Arizona.
    This is the land of privatized prisons;
    paid for by your tax dollars.
    We do not fund education.... more »

  • White Port (Revised)

    Forever was
    those few moments as the
    bottle was first opened.
    Fresh, just like the new... more »