• Aurora Valeriana


    In Paul Valéry, the morose confusion
    Works dreamlike, dissipating from the rose... more »

  • Bare Grace For The End Of Romantic Days

    Once upon a time a prince came to rescue
    His beloved imprisoned in a tower
    As he galloped a black stallion, the maiden
    Intact, produced an immaculate handkerchief,... more »

  • Haiku

    ... more »

  • Haiku #2

    ... more »

  • Haiku #3

    ... more »

  • Haiku #4

    ... more »

  • Haiku #5

    ... more »

  • How Tiresome A Little Portmanteau Of Heavy Slogans Is

    What freedom can dispense with proper critique
    When outsourced cult opinions struggle by?
    Which impartial critic is without archetypes
    And clichés drawn from vernacular maligners?... more »

  • Into The Darkness


    The crew of the three vessels leaving Spain... more »

  • Lest Answers Come From The Dark

    While destinies are connected by the traffic
    bodies are drained by avenues, streets, slopes,
    viaducts, tree-lined lanes, tunnels and bridges.
    Lest answers come from the dark, lights shall signal... more »

  • Love In The Time Of Cabriolet

    All the paths converge to the metropolis.
    Love's ways, however, reach up to the infinite.
    At the extremity of the fog, stores,
    and stairs travel to the upper plateaus... more »

  • Nocturnal Passion

    The night is singing with sighs of love
    From its corridors, rays of light pattern magnetic nanodots
    I cross the night
    Suffering from love's pain... more »

  • Panegyrical Sonnet

    He wakes up in infinite, condensed satin.
    He likes fireplace mantles famished in granite.
    The best honey is a tasted kiss, and
    Pure poetry is prototype candidness... more »

  • Petrarchan Sonnet

    As I invoked the brightness of intelligence,
    the cosiness of antiquated boroughs
    workèd dreamlike in my mind, and arose
    the heraldic point of the sun's emergence... more »

  • Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Please allow me to introduce myself.
    Usually loud, cynical and obnoxious I have been around for a very long score.
    I am the undertaker of institutions,
    I rather stir up trouble than keep quiet.... more »

  • Poetry Kindergarten

    I could not stand withered rimes any more.
    So, I went searching for a full-blown teacher,
    A sensible scholar of proven age,
    A sound retainer of past ages' wisdom,... more »

  • Recollections Of A Moviegoer

    When I watched Alain Resnais' "Night and fog"
    I was only a teenager film buff.
    Distant, scarce and fallacious was my business
    With hunger, death, destruction, pain or war!... more »

  • The Ballad Of Toussaint Grugel

    Among my ancestors, Toussaint Grugel
    has always been a most curious subject.
    Grugel was a 16th Century Frenchman
    who travelled to, and settled down in Rio.... more »

  • The Passage Of Time

    TEDIUM... more »

  • Visiting Sicily

    Let us wander about the streets of Noto,
    and think upon what is a thought made of.
    An ultimate regard to its trees' stillness
    must evoke treasured vedute unburied.... more »