• Agua

    ... more »

  • Blue

    Playing with matches and not with you
    I was morose
    And you were blue
    Left you a prickly rose... more »

  • Closing Clouds

    You builder of worlds
    You dreamer of dreams
    You shaker of storms
    You moderator of extremes... more »

  • Cool Catfishes

    If we were fish resting
    At the bottom of a pond
    And you were walking by
    Glancing into the dark waters... more »

  • Da Da Da

    When you were 8 months
    On this earth
    Your da da das boomed
    Like distant thunder,... more »

  • Mother


    Your blood runs
    through my arms, my legs,... more »

  • Nicoletta

    Like a chain letter
    light as a feather
    sits together
    in all kinds of weather... more »

  • Summer Moves

    Warm summer air droops
    As days shorten before the sun
    The trees consume their sorrow
    And prepare for wintery soup... more »

  • Winter

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  • You And Me

    You are the tinola and the sabow
    The adobo that floats the chicken
    You are the eye that sees straight
    The plum in the basket... more »