• Charm Of The Yellow Rose

    The stars above
    In darkness shine
    With light that fills the heaven divine
    So bright with radiance our love glows... more »

  • Cuts

    On my wrist
    Are the cuts
    In a flash
    There is blood... more »

  • Emo Boy

    I'm an emo boy
    Anorexic and tall
    Here's the blood running down my wrist
    When you hear me scream... more »

  • Factions

    In the arena
    Four factions fight
    Jock vs. Beauty vs. Ill vs. Brains
    Jocks are stupid and slow... more »

  • Limbo

    The death of me
    Will be the first for me
    Skeletons dance on the way to Heaven or Hell
    Your destiny will become your fate... more »

  • Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall
    Why can't I be the smartest of all

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall... more »

  • Sadness

    Why do i feel like this
    Why do i feel so sad
    Why do people don't like me
    Why do i cut myself... more »