• Beautiful Monster

    Her stench lingers in the air I bathe in
    Her skin in my hands I can still feel
    The taste of her, my tongue craves it
    The sight of her gives my body chills... more »

  • Crooked Conscience

    I used to be able to surpress him

    But I somehow lost control... more »

  • Lost & Found Pt.1 - Lost Mother

    She bears down one last time.
    She hears the cries of her new son.
    She holds her baby for the first and last,
    Then in a flash hes taken and gone.... more »

  • Lost & Found Pt.2 - Found Child

    A baby born into addiction,
    Fighting for his life before it began.
    Held by his mother just once in his life,
    Then he is taken from her hands.... more »

  • This Is War

    The desert sun beats down on you

    Sweat drips from every pore... more »