• A Cherokee Beginning

    Radiating rays of his love out heavens door;
    Continually twinkling praises to the Creator;
    My mind was in astonishment as I gazed out;
    From the archway of the Creators Sky Vault;... more »

  • A Walk In His Garden

    In this world of hate and fear;
    All dry eyes and not one tear.
    As the Garden of Fragrant Rose;
    Becomes stench to one's nose.... more »

  • A Walk In The Shadow Of Death

    In the book of life, my name penned tight,
    From the beginning, as the dawning light,
    From heaven given by the Holy Trinity,
    Born into a godly family was this entity.... more »

  • All For Even Me

    Heaven is The Lord's Devine Throne above.
    From the expanse above flows His Love.
    Visiting the Earth His foot stool here below;
    Came His Son bringing Living Water's flow.... more »

  • An Ivory Palace

    Watchmen all along the paths doth irritate.
    With walls so high and locks on the gates,
    An Ivory Palace you have helped me build.
    Besieged was my love life totally unwilled.... more »

  • Apprehension Emancipation

    Shoes off, I plopped into my preferential seat,
    Upon the ottoman, I propped my fatigued feet.
    As I rested on the settee from my afternoon run,
    Through the window's pane was cast a ray of sun.... more »

  • Arise To Pray At First Ray

    By my Tsalagi elders I was taught,
    In Circle walk true or life’s naught,
    In walking over the earths ground,
    Seek the Lord early; He is found,... more »

  • As The Wind Whispers To Me

    Resting myself beside lake’s shoreline,
    I hear wind’s whisper among the pine.
    Often they seem to be laughing at me.
    Blindly ambling, visions unable to see,... more »

  • Back In My Minds Time

    My high school years were lots of fun;
    Football; Basketball; Track I did run;
    My priorities were nature then sports;
    Chores; Homework; Events, all sorts;... more »

  • Beauty To Behold

    Imagine, What if light never came to be?
    Life began with total darkness, you see,
    Before first light, there was only darkness,
    No twinkling stars did the darkness possess.... more »

  • Beckoning Call To Love’s Ball

    Sheltered much like sunlight by cloudy skies,
    To genuine love I had never opened my eyes.
    Afraid to open shaded windows of my heart.
    Unwilling to ever give any relationship a start.... more »

  • Becoming One With God

    Silently skipping along the Suwannee’s edge,
    Listening to the swift waters give their pledge,
    Quickly carrying the Earths excess to the sea,
    Where a hot sun awaits to set the purity free.... more »

  • Birthday Remembrances

    So true it is that time stands still for none;
    Run it swiftly or life's race won't be won;
    Idleness leads to dreams of days gone by;
    The hands of time rapidly continue to fly;... more »

  • Broken Internal Navigation System

    Is your internal guidance system broken?
    This is an item to think about, No joking!
    Choice after choice, Bad you always make,
    Destruction appears in each path you take.... more »

  • Celebrating His Glory

    Early morning, before dawning light of day,
    A Whip-o-will is heard calling for light’s ray.
    The host of stars seen twinkling in the night,
    With dawning light seem to have taken flight.... more »

  • Christ Like Giving

    Every thing we do, good or bad, God sees us;
    We all need to become more like his son Jesus;
    To our youth always give a good moral model;
    To those miserable give comfort as the swaddle;... more »

  • Coming Of Light From The Night

    Evening sun brings horizon a radiant hue,
    While mind and soul ponders what to do,
    Sitting quietly she meditates at water edge,
    Perched above shoreline on smooth ledge,... more »

  • Crazy I May Be

    All who know me think that I am one of a kind;
    The blueprint destroyed; another you'll not find;
    That's simply Joseph; of me everyone would say;
    What you exposed yesterday; you will find today;... more »

  • Encountering A Black Memory

    Encountering one dark black memory,
    As the Wind eternally whispers to me.
    In another time, at this special place,
    We were dressed in leather and lace.... more »

  • Enigmatically Truthful

    Day begins with night; Yet shadows do not stay;
    With the breaking of dawn, darkness flees away.
    We observe as the wind twists limbs of a tree;
    Yet enigmatically the wind itself we can't see.... more »

  • Faith Conquers Fear

    From youth up I have heard people say;
    I'm afraid this or that will happen today;
    I'm afraid I'm going to catch this or that;
    No ailment loiters when stripes are at bat;... more »

  • Finding Happiness

    'Finding Happiness'
    Yellowing pages curl as history flexes and bends.
    With tangled stories and lives our mind we defend.
    Life remedies by our kinfolk we have been told.... more »

  • Forgotten But Not Gone

    Weather wise a sunny bright warm day,
    In fields farm hands working fresh hay.
    Totally all blue was the cloudless skies,
    But cloudy and raining were my eyes.... more »

  • From We To Me

    Growing up, I recall a close family unity,
    Reaching through out all the community,
    From mountain top to valley and glade,
    Everyone rushed to their neighbor’s aid,... more »

  • Golden Yarns

    Yarns we spin of old,
    Makes the young bold.
    They when hearing it,
    Go in search of spirit,... more »