• A Brat's Reward

    At the market Philbert Spicer
    Peered into the bacon slicer—
    Whiz! the wicked slicer sped
    Back and forth across his head... more »

  • Advice

    Walk with a bluebird in your heart,
    Along life's highway ambling.
    You'll always have an ample stock
    Of songs and eggs for scrambling.... more »

  • Ars Poetica

    The goose that laid the golden egg
    Died looking up its crotch
    To find out how its sphincter worked.... more »

  • Backyard Volcano

    Why oh why did an active volcano
    Have to poke up its nose in our yard?
    It goes gloop like a sink full of Drano
    And it showers down rocks that hit hard.... more »

  • Cross Ties

    Out walking ties left over from a track
    Where nothing travels now but rust and grass,
    I could take stock in something that would pass
    Bearing down Hell-bent from behind my back:... more »

  • Epigrams: Three Japanese Beetles

    To Someone Who Insisted I Look Up Someone

    I rang them up while touring Timbuctoo,
    Those bosom chums to whom you're known as 'Who?'... more »

  • For Allen Ginsberg

    Ginsberg, Ginsberg, burning bright,
    Taunter of the ultra right,
    What blink of the Buddha's eye
    Chose the day for you to die?... more »

  • Hippogriff

    To look at this fictitious steed
    You'd think some mixed-up farmer
    Had crossed an eagle with a horse.
    It carries knights in armor... more »

  • Horse

    On Christmas Eve, the night unique,
    They say we beasts find tongues to speak,

    Yet at this crib I am so stirred... more »

  • Little Elegy

    Here lies resting, out of breath,
    Out of turns, Elizabeth
    Whose quicksilver toes not quite
    Cleared the whirring edge of night.... more »

  • Mouse

    Permit me, friends, my evening meal,
    These few small crumbs of bread I steal,

    I mean no harm. Remember that.... more »

  • Nothing In Heaven Functions As It Ought

    Nothing in Heaven functions as it ought:
    Peter's bifocals, blindly sat on, crack;
    His gates lurch wide with the cackle of a cock,
    Not turn with a hush of gold as Milton had thought;... more »

  • Nude Descending A Staircase

    Toe upon toe, a snowing flesh,
    A gold of lemon, root and rind,
    She sifts in sunlight down the stairs
    With nothing on. Nor on her mind.... more »

  • Ode

    Old tumbril rolling with me till I die,
    Divided face I'm hung with, hindside-to,
    How can a peace be drawn between us, who
    Never see eye to eye?... more »

  • Old Men Pitching Horseshoes

    Back in a yard where ringers groove a ditch,
    These four in shirtsleeves congregate to pitch
    Dirt-burnished iron. With appraising eye,
    One sizes up a peg, hoists and lets fly—... more »

  • Sheepshape

    I shear sheep in all sorts of shapes
    Like shooting stars and spangles.
    I shear them in the shapes of apes.
    My ewe has four right angles.... more »

  • The Devil's Advice To Poets

    Molt that skin! Lift that face!—you'll go far.
    Grow like Proteus yet more bizarre.
    In perpetual throes
    Majors metamorphose—... more »

  • You Touch Me

    You touch me.
    One by one
    In each cell of my body
    A hearth comes on.... more »