Living the highs and lows of life as a hopeless idealist. I'm shooting for the stars, baby, and living the dream. Life is far too short to be spent wishing and hoping. Break the mould, explode the myths and do it with a song in your heart. Dance like they did in the sixties, emulate those movie stars on your wall. Say 'f*** you' to those that tell you it's not possible and go one better by proving them wrong. Ride the rollercoaster screaming your lungs out and bask in the rain of a summer shower. Do you want to wake up one day and realise you missed your chance? Roll with the punches, break a few hearts and leave this world reeling...


Joseph Cunningham Poems

For That Girl

She caught my eye amongst the neon haze
The one rose in a garden of weeds
She swayed to the beat with an easy grace
Class written all over her... more »

And Then I Stumble....

Left reeling from feelings I can't begin to fathom.
How can such a fleeting encounter enrapture me so?
For a girl to so so inflame my passions with her beauty
And her allure I could comprehend... more »

Letter To You

Do remember the way you used to be? When long summer nights, friendships which stretched on to the horizon and music which sparked images of future times to come were enough to keep you happy?
A shadow which has been creeping steadily ever closer like a predator to its prey now looms over your untainted life.
You saw it coming and thought you could control it, use it, learn from it.
How wrong could you be?... more »

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