• And Then I Stumble....

    Left reeling from feelings I can't begin to fathom.
    How can such a fleeting encounter enrapture me so?
    For a girl to so so inflame my passions with her beauty
    And her allure I could comprehend... more »

  • Aptly Untitled

    Never one to bury feelings or hide spilled tears
    Heart on my sleeve worn eternally unguarded
    Thinking the thoughs of a hopeless romantic
    I'll cultivate the seeds of love in a field of dreams... more »

  • Desperate Measures

    You are the girl with the face of an angel
    The one who sends my heart into a frenzy
    The person who brightens my life with her smile
    You leave me mesmerised by your beauty... more »

  • For That Girl

    She caught my eye amongst the neon haze
    The one rose in a garden of weeds
    She swayed to the beat with an easy grace
    Class written all over her... more »

  • Innocent Illusion

    My days were empty, devoid of meaning
    I was lost in a land of pointless misery... more »

  • Letter To You

    Do remember the way you used to be? When long summer nights, friendships which stretched on to the horizon and music which sparked images of future times to come were enough to keep you happy?
    A shadow which has been creeping steadily ever closer like a predator to its prey now looms over your untainted life.
    You saw it coming and thought you could control it, use it, learn from it.
    How wrong could you be?... more »

  • My One Constant

    It's always there
    Like a lurking shadow
    Constantly stalking my mind
    Affecting every thought... more »

  • Out Of Reach

    I've been desperately searching for all the right answers
    But I've been looking in all the wrong places
    Riddled with uncertainty and plagued by regret
    I no longer trust myself... more »

  • Remembrance

    Life was starting to get good again
    I thought I was free... more »

  • Romantic Facade

    All through my life
    I felt something was missing
    A gaping void which left my heart feeling empty
    A constant thorn in my side... more »

  • So Foolish

    You came into my life so suddenly and set my soul on fire
    My passion for you runs so deep, you fill me desire
    Shivers run down my spine when I think of your beauty
    Your long legs, flat tummy and your fabulous booty... more »

  • Temporary Residence At The Heartbreak Hotel

    Back in my younger years, it all seem so ripe
    Girls were mine for the taking
    And I was ready to be took
    Filled with the optimism of innocence... more »

  • The Days That Were

    Thoughts and images once alive with fire
    Heart-stopping good times and dabbling with life's lsimple offerings
    Loving friends and strangers and people still to lay eyes on
    Dancing through the night in a swirl of neon and dulled perfume... more »

  • Tortured No More

    Well yeah I may have failed

    But I took my shot and still have the memories... more »

  • Tortured Soul

    I lie awake, peering into the pale darkness of the midnight sky
    Stars scattered like long forgotten friends, forever lost... more »