• Bonafide

    You can’t measure something
    As unconditional as this
    It’s absolutely true
    That it still exists... more »

  • Concrete Rose

    She opened the door
    To see him standing there,
    His face full of joy
    And hers of despair,... more »

  • Heartbeat


    this-is... more »

  • Imagine

    that first snowflake
    landing on your nose
    the warm hot chocolate... more »

  • Next Resolution

    im fed up of the same old thing
    so I got myself a solution
    its about yeh long
    and its called a resolution,... more »

  • Noise

    I gotta listen to the same song playing
    Over and over
    And everday... more »

  • Peace

    I'm tired of the pain
    And suffering as others gain
    We retain the same shame
    As we aim to exlclaim... more »

  • Reality

    Have you ever wondered
    What it would be like to revisit your past
    To let go of what you dont want
    Or maybe get a second chance... more »

  • Red Light-Green Light

    Im stuck at a red light
    with choices to make
    I have several different roads
    but only one chance to take... more »

  • Reflection

    When everything has you backed you up
    Into a corner
    Pressure pressed on your shoulders
    By your owner... more »

  • To Your Own World

    This box seems confinding, unwinding
    every knot and thought that lasts
    from the future to the past
    remaining in the cast of broken dreams and memories... more »

  • Why

    Why is it
    When you wanna talk to them
    And they pick up the phone
    You have nothing to say... more »

  • Yeah Yeah, Love You

    A young man was struck down early today,
    He didn't even have a chance, the EMT's did say,
    In Scarborough outside a party, right on the curb,... more »