• A Nonsence

    Is the moon lazy when it lies on its back?
    Was it the zebra who designed the piano,
    White and black?
    Is the elephant the wrong way round?... more »

  • A Limerick

    There was a young man from Warsaw
    Who viewed life full of awe
    His wife was a harpie,
    One day she got narkie... more »

  • Another Limerick

    There was a young lady from Clonmel
    Who wore a newspaper dress to a ball
    But her dress caught on fire
    And burnt her entire... more »

  • Autumn

    Autumn came in multicolors last year,
    Fiery reds and burnished oranges
    Bright yellows and rusty greens,
    Painted leaves that floated... more »

  • Autumn Moon

    Oh Autumn moon
    Heavenly lantern in an angry sky,
    Casts an eyrie shadow
    Through black sailed galleons... more »

  • Boa Limerick

    A German explorer called Victor
    Fancied a Boa Constrictor
    He lifted its's tail
    Achtung! ! Twas a male... more »

  • Cobwebs

    By dawns early morning haze,
    In admiration I did gaze,
    At work of beauty so profound,
    So intricate to astound.... more »

  • Despair

    Rejected, dejected, depressed,
    A tightening pain in his chest
    His whole life now in sad turmoil
    No reason now for to smile... more »

  • Even More Nonsense

    When Moses parted
    The old Red Sea,
    Did he catch fish
    To bring home for his tea?... more »

  • Evening

    At evening time
    An owl is calling
    Oer the land
    night is falling... more »

  • Hitlers Inferno

    Tall bricked chimneys standing high
    Black smoke billowing to the sky
    In behind large closed gates
    Terror hidden from outside gaze.... more »

  • Irreverant Nonsense

    When St Paul wrote to the Romans
    Did they ever answer him back?
    When Lazarus was raised from the dead
    Did his wife have to return the widows pension?... more »

  • Jim

    The word was whispered in my ear
    'Come home, Jim is dead '

    In a lonley field near the sea... more »

  • Limerick

    Poor Ol Britany Spears
    Cut off her hair with a shears
    It wasn't being bald
    Or the names she was calld... more »

  • Limericks

    The limerick packs laughs anatomical
    Into spaces quiet economical
    But the good ones Ive seen
    So seldom are clean... more »

  • Lough Caum

    Nestled high in mountains deep,
    Quiet, save bleating of sheep,
    Pine trees stand all round,
    Sentinels, they stand up proud.... more »

  • Louisas Quilt

    In her sewing room
    She sits on her seat,
    Cloths of many colors
    Strewn at her feet.... more »

  • Lovers

    ... more »

  • Meadows

    Meadows bedecked with white necklaced daisies,
    Yellow faces to the sun,
    Cheery flowers everyone.... more »

  • More Nonsence

    Do lions take pride,
    When they kill in the night?
    Does the wise owl
    Really gave a hoot?... more »

  • Moths

    On a peaceful summer midnight,
    Under a moonlit sky,
    I stand beneath a street lamp
    As moths go flying by.... more »

  • My Fathers Hands

    Large calloused shovel like hands
    Gnarled knuckles on fingers
    With chipped nails
    Kept clean with small bladed ivory handled penknife.... more »

  • My Sandwich

    I made a sandwich with some worms,
    Im afraid my tummy turned,
    I put some mustard on the top,
    But Boy, it made it HOT,... more »

  • My Shoes

    I have a hole in my shoe,
    In my shoe,
    In my shoe,
    Whatever can I do?... more »

  • My Valentine

    You left me in the Autumn
    In the Springtime of your life
    Your passing left me broken
    My heart pierced vwith a knife... more »