• A Race To Pain

    ... more »

  • Abyss

    your love i deep but, abyss
    somthing more darker and byond.
    you love me alot, but for me.
    it's i don't no.... more »

  • All About You

    I open my eyes and look at the time.
    Thinking of you in my mind.
    I have comitted a crime.
    I have not loved no one as much as i love you now.... more »

  • Be Mine

    i want you to be mine.
    at night it is ower time.
    on the floor with chocolets and rose's
    candle's to light the room.... more »

  • But It's Not To Much

    I am missing from love.
    i'll look for somones love.
    but it's not to much.
    Here you come and give it all to me.... more »

  • Death Of You

    All i see in your eye's
    is darkness and hell.
    You make me hurt and mealt.
    Take it all back the love and hate.... more »

  • Draw Some Blood

    draw some blood.
    from my hand.
    my fist in your face.
    IT WILL LAND.... more »

  • Falling Into Ash

    do you fill like burning all inside and
    you don't know why.
    Can't you fill your self falling into ash.
    All you can relie on is the past.... more »

  • For Her

    i love you, but it can't go on
    you make me hurt. and now i gone.
    don't follow me when i go.
    i still love you.... more »

  • Go Away Or Deface

    or don't show me hate
    or i'll wish you to go away or deface.
    i'll use my magic to bring darkness... more »

  • Happy Valentines

    here is my love and
    some chocolets for a
    valentines day.
    They are good and they... more »

  • Hate On Valentines

    On valentines day is the day with love in the air
    but not for me.
    So f**k this day and fill it with hate and greed
    screw those who do care and forgive those who where deceive.... more »

  • Hell

    here it come for us all.
    Don't you fill the world burning.
    I do,
    it's hell here it comes... more »

  • Hold It Together

    your my pain
    your my soul
    your my love
    i want to kill you... more »

  • Holding It Together

    your my pain.
    your my soul.
    your my love.
    i want to kill you.... more »

  • Hug Or Embrace

    give me a hug or be embraced but not to hard
    or your heart will break.
    hold me good but to heard or my heart will
    break.... more »

  • I Gave You My Heart,

    i Gave you my heart
    just break it.
    You choose do it on you own.
    I did nothing or anything to you.... more »

  • In Love With Joy

    The girl i meet.
    Im in love with joy.
    Because of her im in love with joy.
    i fill good hopess she takes my... more »

  • Lips Close To Mine

    when magic takes over.
    your lips close to mine
    and i hope i never end's,
    and for it will last for ever but during time.... more »

  • Live The Best

    live the best but not in the past.
    just go for it's all you look.
    try to live it the best.
    give love to every one just not your self.... more »

  • Love And Forgivness

    ask me once but not again.
    i'll say yes but give me a kiss.
    it makes up for problems.
    but you can ask me for my love and forgivness.... more »

  • Love Is Grand

    All i can offer is my love.
    Just hold it with you'r hand
    but not with gloves.
    Don't stomp all over it.... more »

  • Love Is Love

    You get angry, you get sad.
    But when we argue i don't agree with that.
    I hate you, you love me.
    From time to time, it happen's... more »

  • Love Or Hate

    Love is here open the gates.
    all i can give is my love but not hate.
    tell the other about ower love but don't trust their faith.
    can you give that love to me if not don't bother to open my love... more »

  • Made For One Another

    We were made for one another.
    Let's both love each other.
    Make it happen and i will to.
    We were made for one another.... more »