My life truly began 25 years ago when I ran head on into the kingdom of God on the side of a lake in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I'd been running from God most of my life,30 years @ that time. Grief oveeeer my wife running off with another man had driven me to drinking & drugging by this time, & it was wrecking my life. Something happened during that encounter with God. I've never desired booze or drugs again in 25 years. Instead, my life has been dedicated to helping others to find what I've found in my relationship with God


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What Is Faith?

Faith is knowing You're in control
when my life is falling apart.
Faith is in that quiet assurance
I feel deep within my heart.... more »

Lord Be My Help

LORD help me to be all You want me to be,
& help me to do all you want me to do.
help me to live like You want me to live
that my life may be pleasing to You.... more »

Living For Tomorrow

I've lived for tomorrow
all of my life
filling the present
with worry & strife;... more »

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