• Blaming God?

    What fools men are
    Violence tends their way
    Darkness fills their heart
    Misery fills their day... more »

  • Can I Depend On You?

    It all seems so hopeless LORD.
    It seems there's nothing I can do.
    It's completely out of my hands.
    LORD can I depend on You?... more »

  • Forgiveness

    I went to visit God one day;
    but for some reason I was turned away.
    I didn't know what it could be
    that caused Him to turn away from me.... more »

  • Friends

    I asked God for love
    He filled my life with the unlovable
    I asked Him for faith
    He filled my life with trouble... more »

  • Friends Forever

    You're a friend so special.
    You're a friend so true.
    You're a friend I'll always want.
    No matter what you do.... more »

  • Friends Like You

    My life sometimes is troubled
    with darkness everywhere.
    @ times like these it's nice to know
    there's always someone there;... more »

  • I Struggled

    I struggled with the darkness
    that filled my life.
    I struggled with the emptiness.
    I struggled with the strife.... more »

  • I Think Too Much

    I think too much for my own good;
    never doing the things I should.
    I should let God control my life,
    let him put an end to all this strife.... more »

  • In The Presence Of God

    It takes a sincere & honest man
    to walk the path a christian myst trod
    For the path we follow is filled with light
    & the light is the very presence of God... more »

  • Lament Of A Hypocrite

    Seen of men I bawl & squall.
    From my eyes great tears will fall.
    All the time I must confess
    my life is one big stinking mess.... more »

  • Living For Tomorrow

    I've lived for tomorrow
    all of my life
    filling the present
    with worry & strife;... more »

  • Lord Be My Help

    LORD help me to be all You want me to be,
    & help me to do all you want me to do.
    help me to live like You want me to live
    that my life may be pleasing to You.... more »

  • Sanctification

    Some people have this strange idea
    that sanctification is something we do;
    but that's not what my Bible says.
    It's something God does in you.... more »

  • Take A Seat In The Rear

    When your life is full of trouble
    falling apart around you;
    seems it's going from bad to worse
    no matter what you do.... more »

  • That Unforgiveable Sin

    There's one sin the blood won't cover.
    About this the Bible is quite clear.
    The blood won't cover unforgiveness.
    The prayers of the critical God can't hear.... more »

  • The Way

    Christianity is really simple,
    @ least it is for me.
    it's all about relationship,
    the way God means it to be.... more »

  • There Till The End

    Warmed a pew for 20 years
    filled with many doubts & fears,
    never knowing what life was about,
    trapped in a snare I couldn't get out.... more »

  • Unforgiveness

    Would you like to know God;
    know the joy His presence can give?
    have overwhelming peace
    when in His presence you choose to live?... more »

  • Walking In The Light

    I saw a light from afar one day;
    & since it seemed not far away
    I thought I'd travel toward the light.
    I soon found out it was too bright.... more »

  • What Is Faith?

    Faith is knowing You're in control
    when my life is falling apart.
    Faith is in that quiet assurance
    I feel deep within my heart.... more »

  • What Should I Do Lord?

    Life can be so painful LORD;
    & so hard to understand.
    Especially @ those times
    when my problems get out of hand.... more »

  • Whatever Happened

    Whatever happened to the good old days
    When christians had godly ways
    When they really cared about those in need
    Exhibiting godliness with godly deed... more »

  • When I'M All Alone

    It seems when life's the darkest
    there's not a friend around.
    It seems when things get hopeless
    there's no comfort to be found.... more »

  • When Jesus Came

    Jesus stepped into my heart.
    I jumped back with quite a start.
    'Fear not my friend' said He to me.
    'I came today to set you free.'... more »

  • When The Light Shines In

    I lived in darkness year after year
    cowering in a corner filled with fear.
    Noone knew what was going on
    I kept to myself stayed all alone... more »