• Best Friend

    You can make me sad
    you can make me mad
    but you always make me glad
    my beautiful best friend... more »

  • Fake..

    The tears I cry
    will I always hide
    from the life I show
    my pride is high as you know... more »

  • Is It My Fault?

    Is it my fault your sorrow stays within?
    Is it my fault lovers sin?
    Is it my fault your emotions spin?
    Is it my fault your patience is wearing thin?... more »

  • Listen

    I make my life
    like you make your bed
    every morning I pull up this cover to hide who I am
    but when the night comes I let the covers fall... more »

  • Mothers Day

    Mother may I talk to you today
    over the years youve led my way
    sacrificing your all
    just so I wouldnt fall... more »

  • Smile

    when you smile and I smile back
    and when you cry and I frown
    thats how you know Ill always be around
    through the ups and the down... more »

  • When I'M Gone

    When your lies
    Decide to rise
    dont come to me
    for I warned you this would be... more »